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  1. Hi i own a Supernova in black which obviously comes with the comfortech recoil pad. Whe i got the gun i thought it was a little short for me so i ordered the benelli extended recoil pad.....When it arrived i found it was the same size more or less as the comfortech pad...... Is there anybody out there doing a longer recoil pad that will fit? Cheers Simon:)
  2. my gun is a 2000 model
  3. Thanks Tucker i'll check it out Simon
  4. i'm thinking of buying a Supernova,but there is no left hand variation. So while i can live with having the eject on the 'wrong' side,how is the gun cast? Is the cast in the stock,or is done by the shim system? Any other lefthanders out there using the Supernova?? Thank you gents Simon
  5. I bought my left handed Mancino E about a year ago secondhand. I've been more than impressed and i'd definatley buy another Benelli..... My question is.....as i bought the gun secondhand i'm not sure how old it is. Can anybody tell me when the mancino E's were built and if there is maybe a serial number i can date it from? Thank you Simon
  6. I agree, 30" is a long auto...when i bought my 30" Mancino E i struggled to get a gunslip to fit it.....however it's a superb gun......
  7. Benelli Mancino E left handed and Lanber Deluxe Sporter
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