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  1. how many shotguns do you own?
  2. well i have a remmington 870 supermag pump i give ita surface clean every time but dont break it down and clean it as much i i should, we have a 410 mossberg that i just cleaned for the first time when i was younger i used it then passed it down to the middle brother and then the youngest one, so its been used and abused quiet a bit but to my knowlage has never jammed so i guess i kinda depends on the gun
  3. the remmington 870 super mag or just magnum is a very nice gun its cheap and i havent ever had it jam, althought a little difficult to clean it is an excellent cheap gun im not sure if it comes in 12 gauge but i own a 20 gauge ,i have heard that the 20 gauge is the best peasant gun, it was on pheasants forever but the remming 870 super mag, 28 inch is what im looking into i have a 22 or 24, not sure but none the less very nice gun
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