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  1. I really straightened him out yesterday we went on a guided quail hunt and the guide, who is a friend of mine, put his shock collar on him. just putting the collar on him not even zapping him seemed to have an effect then when the guide gave him a bump man it was like turning on the “now I’m a real bird hunter switch” it was cool to see the transition. Doc was trained when I got him but I never reinforced any of his training other than whoa here and there and I was too cheep to buy a collar but that was the wake up call for me (and Doc) I think that I’m going to get off the cash an go and get
  2. if the simple sob wasnt such a good bird dog i realy think i would have shot him
  3. I’ve decided that my boss must have been petting his cats right before he counted out the money (doc likes to eat p00sy ) as for the government, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
  4. Yep. Actually it was more like 550$ in cash. He stood up and took it off a shelf about 4’ high and laid down in his crate and ate it. I was taking a shower and my son comes running down the hall yelling “Doc’s chewing on a hundred dollar bill” needless to say I jumped out of the shower just as he was taking the soggy shredded note from his mouth. Doc was laying in his crate with his paw on my money clip and two one dollar bills next to his head. After a good bit of profanity my wife suggested giving him some peroxide to make him vomit, she was less than enthusiastic about me shooting him
  5. my beloved dog Doc decided to eat over 500$ in cash... im quite up set with him
  6. sounds fine to me i like to keep a small container of breakfree clp with me at all times when im shooting an auto because you never know when something is going to dry out or decide not to work. its a small vial that i got a a gun show that fits in my pocket. its pulled me out of more than one jam no pun intended
  7. forgot to take photo of it though
  8. i got to shoot a rat the other day
  9. does it come in a Corinthian leather wrapped case signed by Ricardo Montobaun?
  10. I really like the ‘77’ with the wire wheels power windows and the finest Corinthian leather
  11. Never use WD40 to clean a weapon. I recommend break free clp to every one. Save the wd for fishing lures since its about 75% fish oil. Once the solvent dries out it just turns to some kind of super gunk varnish that makes every thing gummy and sticky
  12. a judge will or a jury of your peers. as long as your not breaking the law while using your weapon I would not worry about two many modifications. what are the chances that an ATF agent trained specifically in detecting pre 1994 weapons would be standing next to you at a range????? the laws in question are vague at the least. You know you do have rights as a citizen of this country and no matter what you read on this board until your standing in front of the man to here your fate you’ll never know what is legal or not. Every state has different laws and ways to enforce them upon the tax payer
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Firearms_Act this is a link to an explanation of the National Fire ams act. the foot note in queston on that site page dosent seem to be on any of those weapons
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