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  1. Does anyone know if they make an oversized bolt handle or an oversized safety for the SBEII yet? Where does one find these if they are available? Thanks, LOOKINUP
  2. Thanks for your help Tucker!!! Lookinup
  3. Does anyone know if the barrel of the Cordoba will fit onto a SBE II ? Does anyone know if they will be offfering the Cordoba barrel separetly? Was thinking of buying a SBEII but could wanted the porting for shooting Sporting Clays. Thanks for anyones help! Lookinup
  4. I will ask this here too.... Why is the Cordoba the same price as the Super Sport? The Cordoba is plastic forearm, stock, the super sport is carbon fiber, wouldnt that be more expensive? carbon fiber=plastic ? Doesnt make sense to me, I really wanted a Cordoba, but cant really swallow that price for a gun that is plastic. Lookinup
  5. Anybody know anything about the fron sight question I posted?? Lookinup
  6. Hey gang, My first post here. The reason for posting is the new offering from Benelli. The Cordoba looks like the next gun I need. I am having trouble finding any specs, release dates, price, anything other than the picture on the website and the brief discussions on this page. Any and all information anyone can provide about this gun is welcome!!!! The next question is about the fron sights I have seen on some Benelli shotguns. It is a long front sight and it looks more like a permanent sight rather than some of those slip on sights that are out there on the market.(almost like a
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