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  1. Thanks for the reply and thoughts RoadDad. So far I recall of a couple short magnums so that brings it up to: 270WSM 300WSM 308Win 30-06 300WinMag 338WinMag am I missing another/others?
  2. Hey folks, looking for a complete list of chamberings/calibers that the R1 Rifles have been offered in. Anyone have it hanging around? Thanks.
  3. personal opinion - strip it clean of lubricant then rack the action/dry-fire it repeatedly a couple hundred times.. clean it all - completely/meticulously. Then lube it, wipe it down and try it out. use snap caps if you're nervous about dry firing.
  4. 1. Pattern your current choke(s) with the loads you've got at distance. 2. You're on the right path to looking in the mirror more times than not. 3. Carlson's --> http://www.choketube.com/
  5. Still using Shooter's Choice synthetic grease and both Break-Free and Gunslick products.
  6. Once more - take a look at Carlson's http://www.choketube.com/accessories-product-details.php?Shotgun-Magazine-Extension&mf=500
  7. Anyone try Carlson's? http://www.choketube.com/accessories-product-details.php?Shotgun-Magazine-Extension&mf=500
  8. Let me guess what you replaced with - Super X3 ?
  9. Personally, I'd tell them to keep the gun and shove it up their collective arses and send you a full refund. Bright I tell ya. Marketing dollars drive up costs and when it comes to backing their product..?...." um... well,...we've got new hats for $20ea + shipping so you can market our product for us for free and we rake $15 profit off the crap. Thanks! Shop again!" Replacement of the gun is just unthinkable i guess.. great business.
  10. Ooph. I've got nothing w/that much through it besides a double gun. I'll send out a couple feelers to a few guys, but I suspect it'll be a tough go. The guys I know that shoot that kind of volume yearly to get a gun up to 25K either switch guns between disciplines, buy new every couple years or don't shoot Benelli anything. Not too sure what else I can say that may be of help. Maybe cold-call a few local clubs/ranges and see if someone can point you in a direction..?.. all I've got right now, Uno.
  11. Have 2 1st gen 1014s.. one was new one was used.. new one banged like champ 1st time I picked it up. Used one = same.
  12. I'll try this again - as in - round count? what are you considering high?
  13. 308W R700 w/Archangel AA700 bbl work-over custom break Vortex Razor HD 2-20X50 EBR-2B
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