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  1. I was looking at a new comfort tech forend for my 20 gauge M2 as the finish is wearing off the original forend. I looked on the Benelli website, Midwest, and Brownells and none show a 20 gauge specific forend. Does the M2 12 and 20 gauge a well as the SBE2 all take the same forend? The outer layer of "finish" has come off of the synthetic forend by the receiver. Should this be a warranty issue? The gun is a bit older but I would not expect the finish to have failed. Pat
  2. Is this the one you are referring to? http://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/61065
  3. I am leaning towards the RCI offering as it replaces the magazine and has no seam but is a one piece unit. Can anyone find fault or have any downsides to going to a one piece magazine tube (other then price)? Thanks Pat
  4. Has anyone tried or even seen the RCI, Sure Cycle, XRail, or Tac Star extended magazines? Do any of them match the factory finish and do all run well on an M1S90? Thanks Pat
  5. I have a Nordic Components extended magazine for a Benelli M1. Nice quality piece of kit but the finish is not close to the factory. Does anyone make a 9 round magazine that matches or at least comes close to the factory finish? Thanks Pat
  6. Did you have to make any cuts or "custom fit" pieces and parts to the M2 or did the barrel and bolt slide right in and the balance was changing M2 parts on an M2? Thanks Pat
  7. When I was looking for a gun for my teenaged daughter Larry's Sporting Goods (a local top of the line trap and skeet haunt) strongly suggested a Beretta A390 (the 391 was not out yet) in 12 gauge NOT 20. They said the 20 would be lighter and the felt recoil would be greater than the 12 gauge 390 set-up for lighter loads. She shot it for several years with no ill effects. Pat
  8. Is there a down side other than occasionally getting to grow a new thumbnail to getting rid of the fork on the stock Benelli carrier? I would ask AFTER I get the TT carrier Pat
  9. I added my name to the list for a TT 20 gauge M1/2 carrier. Pat
  10. I don't believe Taran Tactical has 20 gauge carriers. C-Rums is exactly right. Thanks Pat
  11. Well since I could not find a 20 gauge modified carrier and Mid West Gunworks had a sale over the weekend, I ordered a new carrier. I have been looking through my notes and can't find the contact information about a guy that does ALOT of the weld ups to get rid of the Benelli fork. Does anyone one here know who I am referring to and have his contact information? Thanks Pat
  12. Has anyone tried the various charging handle options available for the Benelli M1/M2/SBE? Did you like or dislike any of them? Thanks Pat
  13. I was cleaning my Benelli M1 and noticed the charging handle has most all of the bluing worn off and was trying to decide whether to re-blue or get a new non-factory charging handle. Thought I would ask what others are using for a charging handle for: 1) Hunting 2) Tactical Since each has its own unique requirements I thought I would break them out. I am mainly using the gun for hunting but am considering rolling it over to a 3-gun or tactical gun in the off season. A bit of detail on what you do or don't like about your charging handle would be helpful in the decision making process. Thanks Pat
  14. I will need to order more and add my begging to the list for a 20 gauge version Thanks Pat
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