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  1. Yes. They have steel parts so they would apparently be out. I've shot them quite a bit and when they first came out, a lot of folks just thought they were like novelties or something but I took a chance and grabbed a crap-load on the cheap so I've shot quite a few of them and believe they are some incredibly scary little monsters. Both the Dupo and the Hexolit. I think if you give the 1600fps Tru-balls a solid whirl, they will probably serve you well but don't drop down to the low recoils. They too will get squirrely as **** after 75 feet. You can hit stuff but I certainly wouldn
  2. I saw mention of the Hexolit32s. They are not bad for accuracy but I've shot them as well as the Dupo28 quite a bit. The 1600fps tru-balls will beat them both for accuracy but between the 2 at 100 yards, the Dupo28 definitely has the edge - probably due to the 1610fps of the dupo and only 1410 from the Hexolit. For flat out damaging stuff the tru-balls can't touch either one but in 3-gun, I don't believe anyone cares about damage, just hitting what they are aiming at and the tru-balls would be my choice for this. I realistically can make headshots 8 for 10 on silhouette targets all day
  3. Absolutely. I went with one of Kip Carrier's springs. It made all the difference and they are the very best I've found.
  4. Because you can actually GET one of the other ones man. Mine is one of a kind.
  5. Better off with one of these. http://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/M4EXT
  6. Not anything I would want. When you screw it on, how can they guarantee the threads are going to stop with the switch in the best position for you? Also, since mine is a full time 10 shot anyway, I'd end up losing a round so it's a no-go from what I see at this point.
  7. I've had the same $29 Global Sportsman Reflex site on mine that I put on it almost 2 years ago. Head-shots at 100 yards from the bench and easy body shots standing out to 100 and on down all day. I have a spare already zeroed for it that I've got for when/of it dies and even if I only got 2 years per sight, I'd go 30 years before I spent enough to pay for an EOTECH... Call me cheap if you want but I've never been able to justify, even to myself, spending the money on an eotech.
  8. Since I've gotten some deals on here, I thought I would bring a couple of things I'm "letting go" in here first before I put em on the "bidding sites". I have an immaculate Factory M4 Field Stock for $175 (shipping included) Paypal will work. I tried it on my gun at one point but never fired it and now just wanna let it go. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2706[/ATTACH] 1 factory tube, factory 2 round extension and a Magazine cap that'll all go for $75.00. (shipping included) Paypal again. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2707[/ATTACH] If anyone buying either of the other parts would also like some o
  9. Nice lookin gun Lindley and funny video.. Honest errors occur sometimes and I thought it was a nice touch how you left it in there...
  10. Right back atchya Black - and all you other proud Americans I would stand with.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]2675[/ATTACH]
  11. You "pitch" the stuff you swear by and I'll do the same. This is a "forum". I didn't insult anyone's work. I simply stated my logic and my happiness with a product. And I'm guessing your buddy with the 930SPX can blow off ammo just as well as you can also since I don't believe there would be ANY difference in the performance of ANY M4 based solely on the differences between a CC tube and a DMW tube unless you have some kind of evidence to the contrary which I would be happy to review.
  12. I've got a $75.00 Dave's Metal Works tube on my 10 shot M4 as well as his bolt release and have been VERY happy with the fit and performance of both. I can blow off ammo just as fast with my DMW tube as someone else can with a CC tube and I'll be doing it with with around 200 rounds of ammo that were essentially paid for with my savings. I have never had a single issue with my tube or bolt release.
  13. Probably shot a hundred slugs through it, cleaned it and sent it back... Those mechanics have the best jobs...
  14. Have you recently done anything involving the top rail and the screws that hold it on?
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