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    -----Benelli M4 -----
    ATI Raven stock
    Carrier Comp Titanium 7 round magazine tube
    Wolf magazine spring
    Carrier Comp magazine follower
    FFT Titanium 1/2” bolt knob
    Aimpoint T1 sight w/ 2 MOA dot
    ADM quick release Aimpoint base
    AVA flashlight mount
    Surefire P2X Fury Defender

    -----Benellli Legacy Sport -----
    12 gauge
    28" barrel
    Perfect just like she comes!
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    Louisiana by way of California

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  1. Thank you (both) for the response. I have a scout light on order. As ghetto as the Pediasure shroud looks, it works for now.
  2. Lindley

    Posting issues

    Seems to be working now. I got a response from Binelli saying they reset the Captcha.
  3. You might be a redneck if... ...You use your child's plastic PediaSure bottle as a makeshift shroud for your custom $3,000 Italian made shotgun.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate the detailed list of ideas. First, I'll answer your questions and provide some clarifications. I use this shotgun for hunting. It's secondary roll would be self-defense. So a bright powerful light is mandatory. I do have a 3 cell Surefire, but I have been hesitant to mount it after the test with foil revealed that the bezel MUST at least be even with the front sight post in order to eliminate the glare. Prior to mounting the RMR with the Scalarworks rail, I had an Aimpoint Micro T1 mounted with an ADM quick detach mount. The glare off of the front sight was just as noticeable. Out of the 6 suggestions above, I think the only possible solution would be #3. I would also add a #7, which is mount the light on the BOTTOM of the magazine tube. No matter the distance from the muzzle, the splash from the light would be shadowed by the magazine and barrel, thus protecting the front sight from glare. Does anyone else have any suggestions with regards to a feasible light shroud I could use? Otherwise, I am afraid I may have to do away with the AVA mount. Thanks again in advance. -MDL
  5. I'll try to add photos via a reply message here:
  6. Problem with glare using AVA tactical mount I installed an AVA Tactical mount with a Surefire P2X Fury Defender light. The mount itself is high quality, but I am having a problem with excessive glare off of the front sight. It interferes with the sight picture through the Trijicon RMR sight. On humid nights, the sight picture is worsened because the downrange image is already diminished by the glare in the atmosphere. As a test, I made a cone from aluminum foil and wrapped it around the bezel of the light. I slid it forward in 1/2 increments until the glare on the front sight disappeared. This did not occur until the end of the foil cone/tube was just beyond the back edge of the front sight. After that, there was EXCELLENT contrast between the front sight post and the downrange image. Any suggestions on permanent modifications to achieve the same effect? I am looking for real-world examples. Thanks in advance!
  7. Lindley

    Posting issues

    Is anyone else having trouble posting? I cannot seem to get past the Catcha page when I have linked Photobucket pages. Very frustrating!
  8. Any update on this? The Ethos shotgun feel so good in the hand, but it's disappointing to read these reports. C'mon Benelli!!
  9. Sorry for the extremely late reply. (I wasn't receiving notifications properly. ) But thank you for the suggestion. I did buy a P3X. Great light! Super bright! I actually bought another one to keep in my hunting pack. I'll mount it and take some pictures to post on here eventually. I also need to make a post of my results with multiple types of buckshot with multiple chokes. It was a fun experiment I did while breaking in the M4 with heavy loads.
  10. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. My ATI stock has basal cell carcinoma as well: http://i928.photobucket.com/albums/ad124/Nouveau-Dixie/image.jpg1_z***a0a3ubk.jpg
  11. Thank you for the quick update. Could the tube have had a flat spot from rough handling or being dropped at the factory during assembly? Just curious.
  12. I agree with you here. I own both. If slim and trim is the goal, ADM is the way to go. Having said that, I do like the design and machining quality of the Bobro, but their quick release mechanism can be a little wide on some applications. Especially those with a charging handle on the side as opposed to the rear, like the AR platform.
  13. The front sight glare was not an issue with the Surefire M80 and Gear Sector mount (far above in post #6). I also didn't have much shadow from the barrel, like I do now with the AVA mount and light. These are downsides to the current AVA setup I have.
  14. The only thing I can see myself doing now is adding a deflector to the bezel of the flashlight to keep light off of the front sight. The reflection / glare is a distraction at night while looking through the Aimpoint. I also put electrical tape around the barrel and barrel band prior to mounting the AVA.
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