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  1. Capt_C

    New Ethos FTF/FTE

    Well, this may NOT be statistically scientific, but it appears that the NRA's "New shotgun of the year" awarded to the Benelli Ethos is basically unreliable. I suspect if you get one that runs 100%, you're fortunate. Otherwise, your "screening" Benelli's defective design in search of the gun that runs reliably. I've got two Benelli's that have NEVER failed (Super Vinci and M2). I really wanted an Ethos, but I'm soooooo glad I'd didn't scratch that itch. Capt_C
  2. Capt_C

    New Ethos FTF/FTE

    Another data point: Shooting in a Sporting Clays winter league (using my Super Vinci) another shooter asked about my Benelli shotgun... I told him that other than being Super-Ugly, I loved the gun... it was flawless in function. He mentioned that he had recently purchased an Ethos, and had significant FTF issues... returned it twice, and was getting worse instead of better. I wanted an Ethos when they were first announced, as my SV and M2 are 100% reliable so far, but after talking with several shooters I'm leaning toward the Beretta A400. BTW: The gun that I referenced in my original post is now running about 99% reliable... usually 1 FTF on a course of 100 rounds. Capt_C
  3. Modified over ponds should be adequate... you should pattern the gun with the loads you plan to use. Some non-toxic loads actually pattern better / tighter w/a modified choke than they do with full or extra-full... I speak from experience. Also, you will get varying density patterns with different 'lengths' of shells of the same type / brand... going from 2-3/4 to 3 to 3-1/2, etc. --CC
  4. I'm thinking about installing a 1913 rail on the receiver of an M2 field, and my plan was to remove the filler-screws and screw-on a rail... that's when I discovered the M2 field is not drilled-and-tapped. I assumed all Benelli SGs were optics-ready, but evidently such is not the case. Anyone know the actual wall-thickness of the top of the receiver? I assume it is thick enough to take #8-40 / #8-48 threads? Also, anyone with an M2-Tactical know the standard thread used (40-tpi or 48-tpi)? Thanks, Capt_C
  5. Capt_C

    New Ethos FTF/FTE

    I'm told the gun was thoroughly cleaned and lightly oiled after the first day of use. This guy is meticulous with his firearms (unlike me, as I absolutely hate cleaning guns). Capt_C
  6. Capt_C

    New Ethos FTF/FTE

    A friend is having FTF/FTE problems with his new Ethos... Day-1 the gun ran 1-1/8 oz Fed target loads w/zero failures. Day-2 and Day-3: 20% of the same loads failed to feed reliably. Tried Win target (not AA) and had same result. Gun returned for repair, but was curious if this is rare, or typical? Thanks, Capt_C
  7. One of the kind-guys at Taran Tactical took the time to email a response to a question I asked via their website about ghost-load mods on an M2. He indicated that there is a notch that had to be welded on the bottom of the M2 bolt carrier to allow 'ghost-loading'. Of course, I'm NOT going to weld on a bolt carrier myself, so this is just me wanting to understand more about the design of the gun and what mods are required to add +1 capacity. Are there any before and after pics available for the ghost-load mod on an M2. I've searched this forum, and search U-Tube... Thanks for any insight on this. Capt_C
  8. I can confirm Benelligunny's comment about 7/8-oz loads... my super-light 7/8-oz 'cowboy action' loads would not cycle my SuperVinci. The 1-oz 2-3/4 stuff worked perfectly, and at that time, 1-oz of #8-1/2 was my standard sporting clays load. (Yes, I shot the big, light-weight SuperVinci for sporting clays... it works well for me; gave my Citori featherweight O/U to my son). Also... I edited my reply above as it wasn't worded correctly specific to max 12-ga load: "2-1/4 ounce:3-1/2-inch". For the record, I've fired many 1-7/8 oz 3-in mag loads duck hunting, but have never pulled the trigger on a 3-1/2-in shell so I have not personally tested the max recommended load in the SuperVinci. Capt_C
  9. 28-grams of #7 doesn't put much shot in the air... even 1-1/8 oz of #7-1/2 (in my opinion) makes for a sparse pattern. I'm not a good with a shotgun... so I need as much shot in the pattern as possible. I suggest you try higher velocity 28g loads to see if that solves the problem. Even if it does, your gun does not meet Benelli's specification. Capt_C
  10. Capt_C

    Q? >Ghost Load M2

    Will installing the Taran Tactical Benelli AccuGuide extended carrier on an M2 trigger group allow ghost-loading an extra round? Thx -- Capt_C
  11. From Brownell's on-line catalog: Tighter Pattern With Crio Tech Barrels 17-4, stainless steel, precision machined choke tubes enhance the performance of your Benelli CrioTech M2 and Super Black Eagle II shotguns with a 25% longer parallel section (compared to Carlson’s standard tubes) for more consistent, dense patterns. Knurled ends make installation and removal easy, and each choke tube is laser marked on the end for quick identification. For use with lead, copper-plated, nickel, Hevi-Shot, bismuth, tungsten or steel shot. Perhaps the tube extending past the muzzle places the greatest constriction outside of your expensive barrel? I would assume Carlson's knows what they're doing, but you could always contact their customer service department before ordering the choke tube. Capt_C
  12. I recently purchased a 21-in M2 field gun, and last weekend removed the plug installed at the factory which was limiting the round capacity to 3-shells (1-chamber, 2-in the mag tube). I just installed a NordicComp +5 magazine, which I thought would fit flush to the muzzle of the 21-in M2 barrel... turns out the M2 barrel is actually 20.5-in from breech-face to muzzle, and the +5 mag tube extends beyond the muzzle around 7/8-in. This is not an issue as the mag-tube extending beyond the barrel muzzle slightly under 1-inch isn't (shouldn't be) a problem. I may elect to install an extended choke tube anyway... Nordic Comp specs indicate that the +5 mag extension would bring the gun to 8+1 capacity, which turns out to be correct. I was hoping to reach a total capacity of 10, but just because 10 sounds like a good 'round number' (pun intended). Oddly, though, if the gun was 4+1 w/o the plug, and then you add a +5 extension, it seems like it would increase to 4+5+1 = 10 rounds, total. Any thoughts or input based on experience would be appreciated. Thanks... Capt_C
  13. 24-grams = 0.85 ounces 28-grams = 0.99 ounces I own a SuperVinci, which is rated by Benelli to reliably cycle with 1-ounce:2-3/4-in loads, to 2-1/4 ounce:3-1/2-inch loads. My SuperVinci runs my 1-ounce handloads (at estimated 1150-fps) perfectly. It will NOT cycle with my 7/8-oz ultra-light loads. I am not sure if the minimum load requirements for the Vinci are the same as the SuperVinci. I believe (?) the Vinci is chambered for up-to 3-in loads, so it should max-out at approx 1-7/8 oz loads. Capt_C
  14. Try a ported choke tube. Cost is maybe $50 to $60 bucks. You can screw it in, shoot it, change back to a standard tube, and compare. My experience with a Super Vinci with an extended, ported tube is that there is a little less muzzle rise. As for noise, while shooting sporting clays, I don't notice any additional blast or report. In a blind maybe a little different, but it is NOT like .338 Lapua going off on the bench rest next to you. Capt_C
  15. I don't have the solution you're seeking, but I can tell you that my Super-V runs light, target-velocity 1-oz birdshot loads with 100% reliability. I believe these run 1150-fps. --CC
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