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Found 6 results

  1. Hey benelli lovers.... I am looking for info that may save me from destroying my barell. I want to buy an extra full or extended range choke for my M2 that will sling all sizes of steel shot way out there. I am worried about the choke tube constricting the steel shot too much and in turn split my 26", $800 crio barell. Help a brotha out?
  2. I purchased a neoprene sling from the Benelli store which states that swivels are sold separately. The problem lies in the follow up. I can't find any swivels sold by benelli and no aftermarket manufacturer sells any swivels for the m2 field. I do not want any of the tactical swivels made by companies such as gg&g since those are targeted at the m2 tactical. Any suggestions? Also, uncle mikes qd swivel product guide does not list the m2 model under benelli at all.
  3. Hi, What is the best barrel lenght for trick shooting ? Thanks a lot !
  4. Hi ! I don't know which chose ! I do a lot of trick shooting Thanks !
  5. Hi ! What is the best extension tube lenght for M2 24'' (I want a flush-fitting) And what is the measurement of the M2 24'' like this picture ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]1000[/ATTACH] Thanks !
  6. Hi I need measurement of the M2 Field (28'', 26'' or 24'') Look the picture [ATTACH=CONFIG]987[/ATTACH] I don't know which barrel lenght for clay ! Thanks a lot !
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