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  1. In fact, KICK'S High Flyer choke tubes will shhot steel shot and heavy loads from #6 to BB size shot. Just found that out. I have contacted their service department for clarification. I will post my findings when I hear from KICK'S
  2. Hey benelli lovers.... I am looking for info that may save me from destroying my barell. I want to buy an extra full or extended range choke for my M2 that will sling all sizes of steel shot way out there. I am worried about the choke tube constricting the steel shot too much and in turn split my 26", $800 crio barell. Help a brotha out?
  3. check out http://davesmetalworks.com/m12.html they have it.
  4. I too am considering a Vinci. I have done much research on shotguns and I am leaning towards the Vinci. One of my questions is.......Is there after market barrels or OEM ones that are geared for Turkey in the bush, so a shorter barrel. Also a slug barrel. Can you get these as well? Do they or can you get them with pistol grip stocks?
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