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  1. I recently purchased a Super Nova and was pretty excited .From there I needed to know the proper way to disassemble the gun for cleaning. Well the instructions are terrible . I did find a clip on You Tube where a guy shows how to disassemble it. After watching the clip ,disassembling was a breeze. Anyone owning a Super Nova or regular Nova , might find this useful.Proper cleaning of any gun leads to longer life for the gun. Here's the link for those interested.
  2. I know Benelli is inertia driven. So I'm hoping to get unbiased opinion,if it's possible. I'm looking at shotguns and can't decide which is the better of the two. I firmly believe the power of inertia is greater due to no power is lost during operation. What alot people don't understand is when a Benelli kick like a mule as some have said.There's a good reason for it. Your looking at pure power. Sure you felt the recoil but you have no loss of power. Gas on the other hand maybe alot smoother with a kiss of a kick but it doesn't have the power. Where inertia really gives you that extra edge is when you Goose,Duck,and Turkey hunt or take those long range shots a Doves. All four can be long range targets to hit.The Benelli has that extra hump in it to make the difference. Besides from what I've read it seems Benelli has somewhat tamed the recoil issue with the Comfort Tech stock. What alot of people don't know is the main reason they came out with Gas operated shotguns was for the recoil.I remember growing up that all my Dad's autoloaders were indeed inertia driven.Back then there was no Gas . All the new gas ones out there that claim to be so soft are correct but your losing alot of the power. Most of the gas is being circumvented away from the gun. In other words it's being blowed out the gun,so you'll get that nice soft whisper kick. I know alot will disagree with me on this matter but that's alright. The only way to prove my theory is to do an energy foot pound test. Without a doubt the Benelli and other inertia guns out there will indeed smoke the gas guns. I'm sure Benelli will never do such a test cause it's Parent company Beretta makes the gas ops. What are your views on this?
  3. I find it surprising that I see hardly no mention of the Vinci on these Forums or other Guns like the M2.I'm looking to buy a Vinci but would like some thoughts on the gun and the technology it has. Is the gun as good as claimed?
  4. What design flaws does the R1 have? Also does the Cryo barrel make any difference?
  5. Can anyone respond to the reliability of the Vinci? I'm thinking about buying either the Vinci or the M2. Need some hard cold facts from actual owners not hear say or what you've read. If your a hardcore hunter that's even better. How many rounds have you fired through it? Does it have less recoil like advertised? Does it meet or exceed your expectations?
  6. If your R1 was lost or damaged beyond repair would you considering buying another one? You seem to have great deal of experience with this gun. I'm considering buying one but would appreciate your advice on this matter. Thanks.
  7. That's not bad 1 inch at 100yds.
  8. Looks like you've had real good luck there. Could tell me what kind of groups your getting at 100yds.
  9. I"m thinking about buying the R1, but I need to know about the accuracy of the gun. When I hear reports of 2.75, I say no way! That's terrible and it's not acceptible with me. Not for the price of the gun. The gun must have a group of at least 1" groups at 100yds. for me to even consider . I need to hear from people who own it . Not from others who've read about it or hear say. "Gunhunter" a publication put out by Buckmasters says you can expect 2.75 at 100yds. I hope they realize how damaging a report like that is to this gun. This is why I need reports from owners of the gun.
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