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  1. Hi ! I ordered a m2 about 7 months ago and I have still not received it... I live in canada and the delivery time is very long because the law on firearms are very complicated. So it depends on the store where you bought it and where you live.
  2. vinc123


    Hi ! Look at the benelli M2 manual video - all models ! http://www.benelliusa.com/shotguns/benelli-m2-field.php
  3. I had the same criteria that you and more, I wanted to do trickshooting and I chose the benelli m2 24 " truly good and no regrets awesome shotgun !!
  4. vinc123

    Best Cleaner

    I think Slip 2000 is the best ! http://www.ar15.com/archive/topic.html?b=3&f=7&t=502758
  5. Thank you everyone I finally bought a M2 24''
  6. What is the best choke for trick shooting like Tom Knapp or Tim Bradley ?
  7. The M2 is available in 24". I think i will buy the 24" thanks ![ATTACH=CONFIG]1080[/ATTACH]
  8. so do you think 24" would be better than 26" ?
  9. I think I'll buy the 26" but the 24" should be easier to handle. What do you guys think ? Do you think I would have more difficulty achieving clays with 24" or two inch does not change much? Thanks !!!
  10. me too i can't find the barrel lenght ! but i hesitate to buy my M2. Between 24'' and 26'' Thanks !
  11. Yes ... I have a supernova but i Will buy my first semi auto and i want to be sure. Thanks !
  12. yes its for trick shots with clays ! but 24" is it too short ? Thanks !
  13. Hi, What is the best barrel lenght for trick shooting ? Thanks a lot !
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