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  1. I recently sold my SLP to my best friend, I was considering either picking up a M4 or another SLP. I have yet to shoot the M4. The SLP is gas operated while the M4 is not and has the argo ststem, I would like to hear from individuals who have shot both. Is the M4 similar in regards to recoil with the SLP, or does the SLP shoot quite a bit softer than the M4? I appreciate the feedback. Thanks Much and God Bless
  2. Leo77

    FNH SLP vs M4

    I sold my FNH SLP to a friend, I have a Supernova, was considering either picking up another SLP or getting an M4. When I first bought the SLP I thought it might be better than the M4 because they are produced in a lesser degree than the M4 and may have better QC than the mass produced M4 which are made for the military. I believe both are great semi-autos, I would appreciate honest responses from those with first hand knowledge of either or both shotguns. Thanks Much and God Bless John 3:16
  3. I looking for opinions on what are some of the most Accurate and best Slugs for Smooth Bore Barrel Shotguns for my FNH SLP, Benelli Supernova and Benelli M4? I have bought some of the Federal LE Flight-Control Buckshot and was interested in opinions on the Federal Premium Barnes Expander Tipped Slugs, Federal TruBall Deep Penetrator Slugs or opinions for any other Slugs known for there Accuracy and performance in Smoth Bore Shotguns would be appreciated? Thanks Much, God Bless
  4. Well Ill try to find either the T1 4moa or few of the RMR’s at a desent price. If anyone has recommendations on who has the best prices for Either the Aimpoint T1 4moa, Trijicon RMR or Eotechs I would appreciate the info. Unfortunately I dont have unlimited funds like others and some of my friends. Thanks Much
  5. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. TruckCop my Ar’s dont cost $1000 they cost @ $2000. I also have a Supernova and I dont think it makes sence spending more for the optic than the actual firearm. Just my personal opinion. If anyone has the C-More I would appreciate your opinion and feedback about the optic? Thanks, God Bless
  7. Im looking for some opinions on the best Red Dot Sights for a Benelli M4 and a FNH SLP. Obviously Im not going to purchase Aimponts or Eotechs for $500-$600 each. (These are what I use for my AR-15s.) I was considering the C-More or Burris red dot sights (@ $200-$300 each) for my shotguns. Anyone with red dot optics on there shotguns I would like to get your opinions. I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks Much, God Bless
  8. Dont use the Winchester Shells they have been know for causing cycling problems with Semi-Auto shotguns! I heard that some Winchester Boxes even say may not cycle properly in semi-autos. I hope its a simple ammunition issue.
  9. Im sure this question has probably been asked in the past but if I could get some feedback I would appreciate the info. Im looking to purchase a M4 and I would like to get opinions on who has the best Magazine Extesion Tube on the market. Thanks Much, I appreciate the feedback. God Bless
  10. Leo77

    3.5 or 7moa optic

    For the shotguns I was considering the C-More optic. For my AR-15's I have the Eotech.
  11. Just wondering what most guys in competition use a 3.5moa or 7moa optic? Considering getting into the competition shooting and also would be used for Home Defense. Thanks Much
  12. Leo77

    Best Cleaner

    I just bought some of Shooters Choice FP-10 Lube and I have been using Wilsons Ultimate lube. Any recommendations for the best shotgun/bore cleaner? Thanks Much
  13. Whats the difference between the New M4 and the M4 on the Benelli website? New M4 Tactical @$2000 and the original M4 @$1500? Thanks Much
  14. Leo77

    M4 vs FNH SLP?

    Thanks "Quickdraw". Unfortunately I spent more for my SLP, no dealers near me had one, I bought it on a whim and I would have had to order the weapon which I should have done in the first place. The gun shop I bought it from is overpriced, if I do end up getting the M4 I will buy it from my regular gun shop where I purchased most of my other firearms.
  15. Leo77

    M4 vs FNH SLP?

    Thanks for the replies. Would you guys say the FN SLP is as reliable as the M4. One issue I have with the SLP is the 2 gas pistons, one for light loads and one for heavy magnum loads, the M4 will cycle everything with out having to change out pistons. Like I previously mentioned I will most likely be purchasing a M4 at a later date. Anymore feedback would be appreciated.
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