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  1. SteveOH

    M4 cycling issues

    Probably about 50 rounds. Guess I've got a good excuse to do some more shooting! Thanks for the replies guys. Steve
  2. Hello, Bought a brand new M4. Right out of the box, I swapped out the magazine tube for the titanium CarrierComp 7 rounder and spring. Also swapped the charging handle for a CarrierComp titanium one. Also added a breaching choake, a SureFire rail and replaced the factory rail with a shotshell carrier. Took the gun to the range to test fire and fired 7 rounds rapidly with no issues. Went back to the range a couple months later with a friend and his gf. He fired a full mag with no issues. Then she shot. She was afraid to put it to her shoulder, so she fired it from her side. She fired 2 full mags. The gun jammed about every second or third round. I figured this was similar to "limp wristing" a pistol, so I didn't think much of it. Then my friend fired the gun again and it jammed after about three rounds. I took the gun and fired 4 shots before it jammed again. We were using Winchester 3" shells with #8 shot. Here are my questions: 1) Does "limp wristing" the gun cause it to misfeed like a pistol? 2) We fired a lot of shells in rapid succession. The gun was hot. Would that cause it to misfeed for the guys? Sorry if these questions seem basic, but I'm new to shotgunning. Here's a pic of the gun: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1673[/ATTACH] Thanks, Steve
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