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  1. I have a standard grade Vinci with 26'' barrel and would like to have it ported to reduce recoil, when I shoot 3'' Black Clouds and comparable loads. I benched my Urika, just love the feel of the Vinci and how reliable the action is. If anyone has experience porting there vinci please let me know if you have feedback one way or the other! thank you in advance.
  2. indeap

    Vinci 3''

    Experienced Vinci owners I would think are all aware of the occasional cycling problems with shooting a light target load. I now always feed my vinci when shooting clays a quality 3 dram Handicap shell without any issues. Anyone purchase the Speed Bolt offered by Benelli?l Just want to know if anyone invested the 300 bucks for the Speed Bolt assembly. Benelli claims the speed bolt will help cycle a light target load better and have less recoil?
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