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  1. I have the BOR mount but am wondering why it was discontinued. Is the SYNC just better in every way?
  2. So I finally popped out the plastic red indicator on my OEM follower to install onto the carriercomp follower... but it looks like this new red one doesn't need the factory plastic red indicator. Looks like they machined it out to a factory appearance already. Anyone else have one and can verify that I don't need to mess with the factory plastic red indicator?
  3. Quick question, am I supposed to reuse the washers from the OEM screws with the supplied screws? Or no washers needed? Thanks!
  4. You guys are still going to keep producing them right??? Or is this just a momentary shortage from your site? I sent an email a few days ago about buying one... but I needed to know if it came with all the mounting hardware (screws) necessary since I am missing one of the factory picatinny screws.
  5. I just received a long detailed email apologizing for their delay. They are looking at 3 1/2 months now for the mag tubes but will refund you if you don't wish to wait. Marcy said she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and just recently had surgery where most of the tumor was successfully removed. She is now still recovering. They are obviously going through a hard time right now, but I was super appreciative of the fact that this woman who is needing much rest and time with family spent a considerable amount of time to write me such a detailed email that it actually moved me.
  6. So One of the screws for my picatinny rail must have rotated out and just gotten lost. Could anyone direct me to a replacement screw? I'm hoping to get a Scalarworks mount eventually, but I think it needs the factory screws. On another note... my M4 is dead on with the windage set at 0, but I'm wondering if I broke it. Over time shooting it, the windage will adjust far far to the left. This can't be normal!
  7. Got offered a pretty decent deal on a Salvo12 with a choke by a local dealer for about $850. Been wondering how fun and how useful it would be on my M4. Would you guys recommend getting one? Never shot or seen a suppressed shotgun before so I'm completely clueless as youtube videos haven't been too helpful with the sound quality on the uploaded videos. But a part of me also thinks that it's about half of what a new Benelli M4 SBS Entry shotgun would cost haha.
  8. Would like to use my M4 for 3 gun, but it's at a slight disadvantage since I'd ideally like it to have 8 rounds in the tube for some of the 9 shot stages to avoid reloading. Local match I went to didn't allow for ghost loading rounds.
  9. Has anyone ever been in trouble with 922R compliance for the Benelli M4? The M4 is my favorite shotgun, and I'm interested in getting into 3 gun this month. All the guys there tell me to not worry about 922R. Looking at parts... it'll be $400ish just to get into compliance with a full length magazine tube, hammer, follower, and forearm for a Benelli M4 with 2 shot extension and collapsible stock.
  10. Do they affect the trigger pull or anything else at all? Or just for 922r? (Has anyone ever even been convicted of 922r violations? lol)
  11. Hmm... what's 2 3/4" buckshot weigh? Something like 1.2 ounces? So going with the titanium will save about 5 shells worth of weight on the front of the shotgun? Makes the extra 50% cost of the titanium a lot more appealing now.
  12. Seriously considering going up to a full length magazine tube instead of just an extension. Wondering what the weight of them is so I can decide if an aftermarket titanium tube is worth it or should I stick with factory OEM.
  13. Is the factory rail fine for Eotech or an Aimpoint? I recall reading something about the Benelli rails not being correct picatinny rails or something.
  14. I'm a tad confused... what makes the red dot more practical than an eotech?
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