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  1. Briley took care of it. Not sure what they replaced, but it came back with a TTI oversized safety button in it still. Safety works now. I cannot drop the hammer while it is engaged. Mike
  2. MIne has the metal housing. It arrives at Briley tomorrow. I will let you know what they say. I am glad to hear Matt's hammer will not fall with the safety on. Maybe something is worn on mine. It does have a lot of rounds through it. Mike
  3. I called them and they want me to send it in to them. Just hope they can get it back before 3-Gun starts up in March. Mike
  4. I actually sent the TTI safety in with my trigger group and asked them to install it while they were installing the trigger. They were done at the same time. I was hoping someone else who is running the Briley trigger could let me know if they can drop the hammer on a different brand of safety. I am not sure if it is the trigger, the safety, or just this particular combination doesn't play well. Mike
  5. I have a Briley trigger and a Taran Tactical extended safety on my Benelli M4. I noticed while cleaning it the other day that I can drop the hammer by either pulling the trigger hard (maybe 12 to 14 pounds of force), or by pressing it several times with less force (it seems to walk its way to a release) while the safety is engaged. I would like some input from others who are running the Briley trigger. Specifically, does your trigger have the same issue? Thanks in advance. Mike
  6. I have the Briley trigger in my M4 and like it. The trigger pull is still heavier than I think is ideal, but I can get the trigger to break when I want it to and the reset is much shorter.Mike
  7. More important than FPS is DRAM EQ. Your M4 should cycle anything with 3 DRAM or above. 3 DRAM is like 1-1/8 oz of shot at 1,200 FPS or 1 oz of shot at 1,250. Mike
  8. New or used? Just curious. For what I have seen some sell for in the past, that could be a bargain. Mike
  9. Thanks SD. I will try the stock handle. I will also buy the detent and spring since they cost so little. Thank you for those links. Mike
  10. I have a Benelli m4 that I use in 3-gun competition. I have a Carrier Comp oversize bolt handle on it. A couple of months ago, I lost the bolt handle during a stage. Luckily I found it. Yesterday, I found it partially pulled out just before I started a stage. It seems like it pulls out easier than it has before.So what does this mean? Is the bolt handle worn out? Do I need a new spring for the detent? The handle does not appear to be excessively worn.Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.Mike
  11. Benelli states slugs should not be shot in a choke tighter than IC. The shotgun ships with a modified, which is tighter than that. I know people have shot slugs through the modified choke and I have not heard of any issues. A modified will deform the slug slightly and that could cause a lot of stress on the choke and end of barrel. I use a Light Modified in 3-gun almost exclusively. It is right between an IC and Modified. I have shot many slugs through it and have not had any issues. The LM is a good compromise between ability to shoot slugs when needed, and the ability to knock over a plate at 20 to 25 yards with 7-1/2 shot if needed. Mike
  12. I run a T-1 with a Midwest Industries low profile mount. I have been using it in 3-gun for about two years. Here is a thread on it that has some pics, including one showing the co-witnessing of the ghost ring sights. Midwest Industries Aimpoint T1/T2 Mount for M4 Mike
  13. They also have them at Brownell's. BUTTSTOCK, SYNTHETIC, M4 STANDARD Mike
  14. I like the M2 for doing everything you listed. I would start with the 24" field and set it up like a 3-gun shotgun (extended mag tube, barrel clamp, oversize bolt knob and bolt release). It would be good for anything in that configuration.
  15. I believe the middle setting is designed to compensate for the thickness of body armor. Mike
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