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  1. Sale includes +2 extension tube taken directly off the M2 tactical, corresponding factory magazine spring, and factory end cap. This will give you a total capacity of 5+1. Spring does not need to be cut/altered. All are in like new condition. $55 net to me will cover cost of items and USPS priority shipping within continental US. Prefer certified bank check for payment.
  2. Go and bid $1,000,000.00 on it lol
  3. Also, keep in mind that this is based on the laser being projected at indoor distances, approximately 40-50ft. So realistically, I may find that when I go through the same sighting-in process at 50 YARDS, the rear sight may end up needing even further adjustment to the left.
  4. Got to shoot some slugs through the M2 last weekend and noticed I was shooting high and WAY right. At the time, I didn't play with the sights too much as I figured it was just technique. So today I picked a laser bore sight that loads directly into the chamber. The projected dot was slightly high and significantly off to the right. To get the sights and laser dot lined up correctly, it took about 8 clicks to move the point of impact down (clockwise) and roughly 60 clicks (counter-clockwise) to move the rear sight to the left. Note that there are only about 75 clicks from center, to each s
  5. Looks like they're trying to make a run at the M4 and M2...will be interesting to see the MSRP
  6. Is there any way to remove this part from the end of the extension tube on the M2 Tactical? I have the Dave's Metal Works barrel/tube clamp with a sling attachment built into it, so I'm not sure I need/want to keep the larger sling attachment. Also, it's already scuffing up the bottom of the barrel. I'd like to give it a quick plasti-dip to prevent permanently damaging the barrel's finish, but can't seem to get it to separate from the rest of the screw-on cap.
  7. I just started using my M2 two days ago and had the same issue. I loaded and shot less than 50 shells yesterday and I have definitely noticed a difference. It has become a bit easier to load/unload, but especially loading. Unloading has become easier, but what I'm having to do is press the release/eject lever which gets the shell at least half way out...then I'm pushing it in a bit and quickly releasing pressure to allow it to fully eject. Two days ago the shell wouldn't even come a quarter of the way out. One thing that I'm a little confused with it how the manual describes the unloading
  8. If this passes, and the government doesn't execute these confiscations very, very carefully, things are going to get very messy. I'd imagine riots would be nearly inevitable.
  9. I realize this is a fairly old thread, but I stumbled upon it while looking for information on the DMW oversized safety (and pics of it on the M2). I'm not sure how DMW compares to GG&G in terms of quality control, reliability, reputation, etc., but after hearing about this recall it makes me think twice about aftermarket parts that serve any sort of vital role.
  10. Thank you very much for posting this. I think people are confusing caring with curiosity...I never intended to attach any real "worth" to the claim, but it's interesting to see what organizations adopted this platform. Makes me wonder what factors outside of cost, if any, led to choosing the M2 over the M4.
  11. So considering the above, an M2 tactical with the comfortech stock and a +4 extension tube (7 total shells) should not be an issue...I've had more than one gun shop tell me otherwise. The fact that so many people are continuously misinformed should tell the government something about the lack of logic behind these laws.
  12. Have a friend who owns an M4, so he could definitely use the spare parts...I'll keep that sticker though!
  13. Direct from the Benelli M2 webpage: "The M2 tactical is a no-nonsense 12-gauge shotgun that police and military the world over reach for when the going gets tough." 1) poor proofreading on the part of the website editor 2) what police and what military units are actually using the M2? I've searched quite a bit but haven't been able to find any confirmation. Perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms, so I was hoping somebody else might be able to help provide an answer.
  14. First thing that jumped out to me was the angle of the barrel...shouldn't he be pointing/aiming and looking upwards? Considering that image was taken after the shot was fired, you have to assume the aim and barrel position was actually even lower before the trigger was pulled. What is the original source of this photo?
  15. Wow, almost unbelievable.....almost. This is the worst gun hysteria I've ever seen in my own lifetime. So very glad that I bought my HK pistol the evening of the Newtown incident, and just 3 days ago secured my M2 Tactical through a GunBroker auction. I think it's going to be quite a while before things get back to normal, or even close to normal.
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