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  1. Hello all, brand new M4 owner here. Had a couple different questions to gather insight from those much more knowledgeable than me. I have a Daniel Defense AR that I don't shoot that much that has an Aimpoint T2 on it. The mount is a Daniel Defense mount that either cowitnesses or does a 1/3 cowitness with standard AR iron sights. 1) Would that be a good pair to put on the M4? I wasn't sure if the Daniel Defense mount might sit the T2 too high. (Also, note that the M4 came with a shell holder, so the Scalarworks mount that I have seen touted wouldn't really be an option without losing the shellholder. (Also note, I do otherwise like the Scalarworks mount) 2) If using the T2 with existing mount is advised/acceptable, do you suggest mounting it closer to the front or back of the shotgun? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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