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  1. hee hee - I'll tell my wife that - from the other side of the house!
  2. Get thee behind me, Satan! I am sooooo sorely tempted, but I don't think I could get CFO approval for a $1200 shotgun (at least not yet - maybe after she gets a new kitchen table....)
  3. Thank you. I'm planning to do something in the next couple months, just gathering information now. My love of the O/U may be somewhat irrational, as I've never even fired one. But if practicality and objectivity ruled, we'd all use flat black pump guns with no bells or whistles at all. Some things you just have to have, just because, you know?
  4. Rank newbie to the forum here, hoping I can get some guidance. I've recently returned to hunting after a 10+ year hiatus and am shopping for a new shotgun (my old guns were stolen by some POS crackhead in Houston, TX, never to be seen again... ). Looking for a good 12 (or 20?) gauge shotgun, primarily for pheasant (so light weight is an advantage) but also the occasional duck and/or deer hunt, though this is not essential as I'm not opposed to buying additional firearms for these type of hunts. We are limited to slugs and/or buckshot for deer in much of Michigan. Would prefer to spe
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