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  1. I suppose so, but I'd like one mainly for ease of transport and the ability to adjust the LOP without taking the thing apart.
  2. I may be beating a dead horse here, but why is there no collapsible stock available for the Supernova - factory or aftermarket?
  3. Hi there. I'm in the market for a new 12-gauge pump shotgun and I've pretty much narrowed down my choices to two - either the Remington 870 MM XCS or the Benelli Nova H20. From what I've read on other forums and in various articles, the Nova H20 seems to fit my desires a little more than the Remington, but I have a few questions in regards to the Nova H20. If anyone here can answer them for me, I'd appreciate it greatly. 1) Is the Nova Pump H20 receiver already drilled and tapped or will I have to get it done by a gunsmith? 2) Will various aftermarket mag extensions work with the H20? 3) Is there a Supernova version of the H20 in the works? and 4) If I decide to get a Supernova instead, how corrosion resistant is it compared to the H20 Nova? I apologize in advance if any of these questions seem stupid, but I'm paranoid and like to cover all of my bases since I don't exactly have a million dollars to throw away on a gun purchase and want to make sure that what I buy is what I want. Thanks in advance!
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