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  1. That would be me...Rileys Sport Shop Hooksett, NH 603-485-5000 I purchased my black Supernova w/26" barrel last Dec. for 388.55..I live in NH so no sales tax for me....I'm sure they can ship it to you... Hope this helps..BTW..I love the gun..Made the right choice... http://www.rileysguns.com/
  2. My black Supernova 26" is my 1st shotgun so I can't comment on the Nova, but from everything I have read it is worth the extra $...I went trap shooting with 3 of my friends last week and they all agreed that it was the smoothest pump action that they have ever fired...I paid $389.00 with no sales tax in New Hampshire..I fulltime in a motorhome and purchased it for protection...It just looks nasty...
  3. I have a new Supernova with a regular stock that I may be willing to trade...I've always liked the pistol grip....I am in southern AL for the winter...Then Indiana the 1st of May...Just curious....Why don't you like the pistol grip...
  4. Thanks Everyone...If anyone is interested, I think I got a really good deal on the shotgun...A brand new in the box 12 ga. black Supernova...26" barrel...Got it in New Hampshire where I live for $388.55 and NH doesn't have a sales tax...Don't know if I can post the name of the gun shop here...
  5. Hello all...Being new to the forum and a new Supernova 12 ga owner as well as my first shotgun...Looking for opinions on how you carry extra shells while hunting...On the gun,sling, waist pack etc....and any links you may have...Thanks
  6. movin-on


    I just purchased a new Supernova and the numbers on the receiver and barrel are different....Hope this helps...
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