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  1. Can a Nova be drilled and tapped for a mount?
  2. Good deal! I had 3 whiteheads @ 55 yards last Saturday, I would have taken them at that range but I had my daughter with her 20 gauge Nova with a Indian Creek tube on hers and told her not to shoot. I don't feel comfortable with the Hevi 13, 1.25 7 shot she was using over 40 yards, thats about max for her gun, as far as patterns go. If I would have been by myself (BLAM!) and those birds were hung up, 1 strutting and two grazing with 4 hens, NO gobbling what so ever. So tomorrows another day (by myself) 8-) Just some FYI on her gun and load @ 40 the highest count we got was 140 something,
  3. I have a Supernova. Here's the route to go! 2 or 3 ways. 1. Indian Creek BDS choke/w Hevi-13 3.5" 2.25oz, 6 shot or 7 shot 2. Pure Gold .670 choke with same as above ammo 3. Same 2 choices with Nitro ammo (hard to get and very expensive) you must purchase it directly from Nitro Thats pretty much the gospel at this point. Don't doubt me. I have both tubes and shot the 3.5" 2.25oz, 6 shot through both and they are both EXCELLENT tubes for the Supernova 200+ in a 10" circle @ 40
  4. jsethmor


    Yes it does, thanks. You and two others said the same.
  5. jsethmor


    Someone else told me they are different #'s. Anyone know for sure?
  6. jsethmor


    It took them about 8 weeks to do that? The new barrel I got has a higher gloss sheen to it than the rest of the gun, this has me scratching my head. Does yours match? I sent the whole gun back to Benelli.
  7. jsethmor


    Should the serial #'s on the receiver and barrel match? I sent my Supernova back to Benelli to get the barrel re-camo'd and just now noticed that they don't match. My barrel patterened VERY well, that's why I ask. Jas
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