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  1. Thanks! Wasn't sure if it was the same bolt just different material...so I guess it would cross over if it was a supersport vinci to a regualr vinci as opposed to the super version.
  2. hey guys, I noticed that the Vinci super sport shows that it has a "speed bolt" that is lighter and will cycle lighter 7/8 oz loads. At the moment I am using my super vinci to shoot clays, and while i love my gun, on occasion, it has a tendancy to not cycle 1oz loads and even the recommended minimum 1 1/8 load (yes i broke it in and have had it almost 2 yrs), which can be frustrating shooting clay games. Id really rather not buy another separate gun for clay games (supersport or an o/u) since i already dropped 1700+ on this thing in the first place. Question is - can i buy and switch
  3. so i wonder how many vinci owners are going to offload thiers and get the new one ??
  4. wonder how it compares with the SBEII in speed/reliability?...i know i had issues cycling the 2 3/4 minimum load (and even heavier 2 3/4 loads) in my vinci for months til recently
  5. I mean obviously they had this in the works from the beginning. The under-produced the first one and were back-logged with people trying to get one, now there are an overabundance and stores are trying to get rid of them. They never did produce accessories - which makes me wonder will this Super Vinci fall in line with how the first one was handled? Under-produced at first, no accessories, etc. Guess im hot cause i almost didnt get the vinci and chose the SBEII ..kinda wishing i got the SBEII or waited til now to get the super v.
  6. Ugh.....like many Vinci owners im a bit irritated after the release of this. Dont get me wrong, I love my gun, but i mulled over Vinci vs SBEII for months and felt the vinci was more comfortable. Still no accessories for it after waiting for months (unlike in Italy where you can get different colors/cheeck comb/pistol grip), was told by CS that accessories were on tap (and never materialized) and now this - errrrggg !! I guess i shoulda seen that coming though...its all about marketing. Benelli got my $1400 and because im erked might get $1700 for the new one :-), crap. Its kinda lik
  7. i guess in europe they have all the accessories and different colors...i woulda gotten the desert dune color if it was here in the US. Also check the recoil pads, cheek pads and yes a pistol grip for the vinci...pretty sweet. Im still waiting for all this to come out over here, need a cheek pad and max4 pistol grip http://www.benellivinci.it/newsite/en
  8. i found this intresting... http://www.benellivinci.it/newsite/en it shows vinci combs, pistol grip and different colors than offered here in the US...not sure how to order or if they are just avail. overseas.
  9. 1. did the SBEII have this issue as well when it came out? 2. to everyone that says your gun is fine--how long until it was broken in? or did it do fine right out of the box?
  10. im hoping mine will do better...im at better than 7 boxes of loads that are at least or exceed what they say will cycle and still having issues...sooo not sure how many boxes this b.s. break in period is gonna take. My buddy is reloading some hotter 1 1/8 oz loads so that may work better than the cheapy wins but when they state the minimum, i use it, and it still doesnt cycle every time its a concern.
  11. problem cycling is getting better..went to the trap/skeet range today, went through 5 boxes - eating up the rest of the cheapy loads - and things were better but still problems ejecting...5 boxes and maybe 7 fail to fully eject shots..better than yesterdays 2 boxes and 11 problems so i think it is working itself out.
  12. ive had feed problems but im not through the break in period yet and the problem is getting better slowly...same here with the finger issue, shot a slug the other day and it wacked my index finger pretty good.
  13. Ok...so here is what happened to me today. Im optomistically chalking this up to "it needs to be broken in", but was irritated to say the least. I finally went out and cracked off a few in my new Vinci i got a couple of days ago. I know that there is a supposed "break-in period" but not really sure how many boxes would end up breaking it in, so i bought some cheap ammo ($9 a box--yes thats cheap here unfortunately). I wiped it down, put a few drops of the oil they included with the gun in various spots and got to it. I shot through 2 boxes of cheap light load stuff. Winchester # 8 shot
  14. For all the Vinci owners that might have been wondering like me if things fit and if there are accessories available....I finally got an answer from Benelli CS on a few questions on my new Vinci i recieved the other day--glad its finally here BUT.... I had ordered a Benelli raised comb from Brownelle's ($122 for a piece of rubber) and they said it would fit any Comfort Stock gun from Benelli beacuse thats what it said on box (which it does say that). On their website though it does state SBEII, M2, etc, so i was kind of expecting what I got and low and behold it didnt fit, sent it back. E
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