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    Ed Harley
  1. I had also heard rumors of it near production many years ago, but found this significant because it came from the horse's mouth
  2. I spoke with the manager of new product development and he told me that a Dedicated Weapon Light for the M4/M1014 should be out (relatively) soon He called me regarding my business and I asked what he does for employment, to my surprise he told me he is an engineer and is head of new product development for Surefire. I spoke with him at length about all the wonderful products they have and that I have over a dozen of them. I specifically drove home that fact that Surefire should have brought out a dedicated light for the M1014 a long time ago, especially since the USMC uses said weapon.
  3. Does it work? Has anybody tried this? Thanks
  4. You all suck, I spent all my $$ on the M4. Oh well there is always next year. Make sure you guys post pictures
  5. How cares if it works (while in use) and looks good.
  6. I got my 11707 less than a month ago for $1250. Wait to get a 11707 they are better.
  7. Was it difficult to remove? Info please
  8. Well, another thing to consider is that aluminum is anodized, while steel is phosphated. How do the NoDak steel extensions look? I've heard that they are closer in color to the original. But lets get the one piece going! (or a 14 inch barrel)
  9. The NoDaks (at least the aluminum) are black, and the M4 is grey. One good thing about the color, if it's off a little, it probably won't be as noticeable as two different color tubes being mated together. At least the entire tube will be the same color. I've never seen the NoDak extension in person -- is it too dark, too light, or just a totally different shade? I'm assuming that the factory mag tube is held in place with some type of Loc-Tite substance, and that an application of heat will allow it to be loosened. Anyone here ever remove their factory mag extension?
  10. I was thinking of the samething the other day, I would prefer a one piece like the original. It is very important (to me) that it be the exact same shade of color as the rifle, so it looks OEM. I hate the look of my aluminum NoDak, but it works. Is it difficult to replace this piece, is it screwed in then have some type of Lock Tight sealant? [ 04-24-2006, 06:19 PM: Message edited by: James00 ]
  11. So I'm only 5456 away after you
  12. I'll take 2! Can a benelli dealer get the 14inch barrels for LE/MIL? (and then of course sell it to me )
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