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  1. I know by this point you all know he had two guns...not "JUST" a 9mm. A Walther P22 and Glock 19. As for the ones that are wondering why the kids didnt do anything...I have to ask how many of you have ever had shots in anger fired at you? If so I am sure you were probably in a situation where it was expected and you were at least mentaly prepared for it. I would HOPE in that situation I would be willing to fight, but I cant say for sure I would and I damn sure cant fault a single person in there for not doing it. As for rushing him when he was reloading...what are you talking about???
  2. They do this type of clearence every year right before they start stocking for hunting season....I bought about $300 worth of ammo last year at 75% off. All the WMs around are at 50% off right now....but should hit 75% off next week (after the 1st of the month).
  3. Are there any differences in the +2 tube extenders or are they interchangble between the 11707 and 11701? Thanks.
  4. The gun cost you $1800 Sweden? And you said that $1 US = $8 Swedish? So the shotgun only cost you $225 US???? [ 06-07-2006, 12:22 AM: Message edited by: 97ramsst ]
  5. You guys a probably right...I thought that all skeleton stocks were collapsible. This one very likely is not. (BTW...thanks for saving me the headache of trying to find out why it wouldn't collapse if I do get it!) Its definitely one of the 2500 LE M4s with the flag on the reciever...so its a M1014. Like I said its brand new in the box. I don't "need" the gun but would sure like to get it and I am leaning that way...so some more input to push me over the edge would be appreciated!
  6. I hate it even more when non-American celebrities lecture us on how we should think.
  7. As the title suggests....is $1500 a fair or good price for a brand new in the box (never fired) M1014? It of course has the collapsible stock and American flag on the receiver. If it is a good deal should I leave it new and not fire it? I have an M1 to play with. Also what are the basic differences between this gun and my M1 Super 90 besides the stock and rail? My M1 has a pistol grip stock, ghost rings and a mag extension. Here is a pic of my M1. Thanks a head of time! [ 05-03-2006, 09:52 AM: Message edited by: 97ramsst ]
  8. LOL...however you spell it. Down here we just call her "B*TCH". I just hope none of us have to call her "PRESIDENT". [ 04-14-2006, 02:47 PM: Message edited by: 97ramsst ]
  9. Some times if the gun is real loud we will stick out fingers in our ears..... Actually GA is east of Arkansas and at about the same latitude, but don't feel bad about be neighbors with Bill and Hillery...Jimmy Carter only lives about 35 miles from me! [ 04-14-2006, 12:39 AM: Message edited by: 97ramsst ]
  10. My M1 will not cycle light game loads at all...for it work I have to shoot medium or high brass loads. I have shot a ton of high brass pheasant loads (shooting snakes...we have several beaver ponds on out land and they are full of water moccasins) and a ton of 00 Buck in both 2 3/4 and 3in and it never fails to cycle just as fast as you can pull the trigger...but try to shoot a low brass shell in it and turns into a single shot.
  11. Here are a couple more pics of the Benelli in action:
  12. I figured you guys might get a "KICK" out of these. My wife went with me to do a little shooting this weekend. I was popping off a few shells with my M1 (ever see what 00 BUCK will do to an old junk Chevrolet Caprice?) and she asked me if it kicked hard. I told her not too bad. (Looking back on it I guess thats relative...) She said she wanted to shoot it.... BOOOM!!! (check out the ejected shell to the right of the pic) "SH*T!!!" She didn't agree that it didn't kick hard, but at least she didn't drop it! Best part is she shot it again a little lat
  13. Your exactly right..I ment to say in my post that the A5 CAN be adjusted....not CANT be. I was hoping something simular could be down with the M1 but the more I read the more it looks like it wont be that easy.
  14. I have a M1 Super 90 I bought last weekend at a gun show (used but in perfect shape with ghost sites, tube extention and pistol grip stock) and finaly got to shoot it today. I was test firing it using low brass game load shells and the gun would not cycle the amunition. It will spit the shell out but doesnt seem to blow the bolt back far enough to insert the next shell. I would think a higher brass shell would cycle through but I am not sure because I didnt have any with me. I know on my Browning A5 it can be adjusted to operate using light loads...can the M1? Any ideas would be apprecai
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