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  1. I also purchased a LH M2 and had the same issue. When I have needed to use the hard case I remove the bolt.
  2. I purchased a M2 and had nothing but problems with it cycling. I was using the Estate Ammo. I sent the gun back to bennelli twice and the second time they replaced the recoil spring in the stock? Since then I shoot nothing but winchester ammo and I have not had a single problem after 600 rounds. I truley love the gun and this is a testiment the Benelli customer service will not stop until the problem is resolved. Good luck.
  3. I have a quick question. What is best when storing a gun when not is use? Should it be dry fired to place the firing pin in a rest position, or just leave it in the ready to go position? Are snap caps the way to go? Is it ok to fire on a snap cap? Sorry for the newbie questions and thanks for the replies.
  4. I also thought this was a no no, but I am new to the firearm world. Can someone wiegh in on this statement. I have a M2, what would be the best way to store?
  5. I had the same problem with my m2. The second shell would get stuck on the way up. I would then only have to touch the bolt and it would slide right in. I sent it back to benelli twice. They would take it apart, inspect all the components and reasemble and test fire. They never had a problem with cycling at the factory. The second time back to benelli I was placed into contact with the gunsmith and he said it looked fine and stated it may be the shells I was using. I was using the Estate brand which he said can be a dirty shell. I have read on this forum of people using the Estate's without any problems. He suggested Winchester AA the same as he fired with at least 3 drams. After the gun was returned I took it out and using the AA shells I cycled over 100 rounds without a problem. Before it would jam nearly everytime. Maybe try a different shell before you surrender your firearm for 6 weeks. Good luck.
  6. Thanks gunner76, This is great info, I wounder if benelli has any statistics on LH vs RH issues. I did get the gun back from benelli and took it out to the range. I purchased the winchester AA 3 dram, #8, 1 1/8 shells and after 150 rounds I had nothing but a great time. The gun fired everytime without an issue and I can not tell you how glad I am. The 6 cents more a shell was money well spent.
  7. bonoiam

    Jamming SBE

    Why the need to use better shells or more "expensive" shells. Is the robustness of the benelli design such that the performance is borderline functional under certian parameters. I would think that the design would be focused on the worst case senerio. Just my thoughts from someone who owns a benelli and the gunsmith has fired it more than myself. Good luck on the jamming issue I feel your pain.
  8. Dagrizz, I am shooting the sporting competition loads as you indicated. I never shoot anything less than 3 dram. I personaly think this is a defective firearm but know one will listen. Is your M2 a LH model? As much as I love the technolgy and the style it will be very hard for me to buy a benelli the next time I purchase a shotgun.
  9. I talked to Benelli today and they say that they can no way replace the gun. I talked to the gun smith and relayed the problem alongto him. He said that he put 25 rounds of AA's without an issue. I have been using the estate brand (cheaper), and he indicated that may be the issue. He was going to clean it up and make some adjustsments. He was very nice and offered a lot of info about the gun. All in all Benelli is makeing great strides to fix the problem. When I get it back I will pay more for ammo and cross my fingers have no more problems. I may need to go and buy an O/U to shoot trap with to lower my blood pressure. I will let you know how it goes when I get it out to the range.
  10. Nodark, I tried different things thinking I was holding the gun to freely or to tight. Nothing worked. I did not think about haveing someone else try to shoot the gun and see if the problem went away. I will give it a try, thanks.
  11. I have posted concerning this problem but I have a little up date and would like to get some advice. My M2 had a cycle issue, sent back to benelli, fedex lost and then it showed up agian 2 months later. Benelli replaced the recoil spring, test fired and returned. I recieved it with some scratches from what looks like careless assembly and disassembly. I took the gun out with heavy loads and did some trap shooting. Third shot out it did not cycled and on the fourth box of shells it was basicly a single shot shotgun. We were shooting doubles and it miscycled nearly everytime. Could this be a left handed issue? Benelli very seldom has this type of issues I gather from my research. This is why I purchased a beneilli. I contacted Benelli and they want me to send it back a second time. I asked for a replacement or exchange and they said they could do nothing, talk to the dealer. I spoke with sportsmans wharehouse and they said their policy is no returns or exchanges on firearms. What action should I take from this point. I am wishing I had never purchased the gun. Thanks for your input.
  12. I am looking at purchasing a new gun and I am torn as to which one I should get. I will be doing a lot of trap/skeet and some (1-3 time per year) wing hunting. I am looking at either the Browning Cynergy O/U or the SBEII. I have not heard much about the cynergy but a lot about the SBEII. I had a M2 but had soooo many problems I would not consider that model again. I thank you for your kind advise. shotgunless.
  13. Here is the last update on the cycling issue. I just spoke to the dealer and the package arrived at the Benelli site but it was empty. So I wait until FEDEX claim is complete with dealer and I can pick out my new gun. Now I can reconsider the SBEII vs M2 possiblities. Although M2 has left a bad taste in my mouth. Things could not have worked out any better. I feel sorry for the guy who stole a left handed gun that has cycling issues.
  14. Just a follow up. I cleaned and oiled the gun as indicated. Took it out on the 5 stand. 1st round of 25 1 missed cycle(mc). 2nd round 5 mc, third round 8 mc. I took it back to the dealer and they have sent it back to Benelli to be looked at. I will let you know after the 4-8 week time frame. Anyone have a gun for loan?
  15. Thanks for all the input. I really hope the cycling issue is caused by the user. I was under the impression that the gun needed a solid foundation in order to cycle. I will reduce the amount of oil used and clean the recoil spring and pay attention as to how I hold or bracing for the gun. I will let you know how it turns out. The break in period should not last longer than 100 rounds heavy, correct?
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