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  1. Well had a great weekend redhead hunt. 34 redheads 1 mallard 1 bluebill and a sad grouse hunt 2 sharptails
  2. My dad has a 1100 3 inch chamber and is long as you keep it oiled very well then it will eject 2 3/4 shells. Get well Soon Snow gooser
  3. All i have to say is that blake has shown our limits in manitoba. which we did not go over, treaty card or not. We don't have mallard limits only bird limits.
  4. TUCKER you are so pathetic. LOL don't brag about going over your limit, Oh cry me a river so i can hunt ducks in it you little girl.
  5. You know i don't understand why they don't allow you to kill more birds. I honestly think that the waterfowl are over populated. Our limit here in Manitoba is 5 canada geese but as you can see i don't let a number interfear with my hunt. I usually shoot till i feel that is enough birds to clean for one day.
  6. It is also hard to tell the difference when the drakes are not mature yet and it is raining so IF IT FLIES IT DIES!!!!!!
  7. Went out Sautrday morning Sept 23 by myself and shot 9 canada's 2 snow's and a lonely duck.
  8. We hunt for food not for sport like alot of you guys so it doesn't matter what they are they all taste the same.
  9. black synthetic stock, SBE I, very good condition Benelli USA.
  10. Sunday September 17 2006 44 Mallards 20 Snow geese 7 Canada geese 8 praire chickens
  11. WTF????????????? www.photobucket.com www.photobucket.com www.photobucket.com
  12. web page web page 176.jpg]web page[/url]
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