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  1. For me i blow a hayes calls stinger for the geese, and a a echo poly/diamond for the ducks.
  2. snow gooser


    just tellin ya how it went. the surgery sucked but im alive and well. my dad had to return the 1100 for bills and im outa shells those are the two worst. the hunt was the coolest thing in my life we got around 40 ducks and i got a banded goose i was happy bout that but other wise the trip was kinda depressing. i thought the whole time that could be my last hunt!!!!!! but it wont be p.s skido or however you spell it and tucker thanks for the thoughts talk to you later
  3. We'll it's my last hunt this saturday, for a while that is. the other day they found cancer and a big stagh infection in my leg and my leg is comin off on monday. my dads takin me to north dokota im so excited. he buaght me a 1100 remington and was wonderin what shells to use in this gun and how good of a gun this. thanx talk to you guys in a while
  4. condors are a good gun but id go with the nova just becuase of duck hunting. but if your the pheasnt most of the time kind a guy buy a condor both are nice guns but id take the stoeger model 2000 over them both and its only 100 bucks extra.
  5. this is the stupidest argument ever. im 15 and i dont even this. come on guys, i do agree with sdkidho that tucker helps me out alot with his posts and i would love to go hunting with someone as expeirenced as him CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG
  6. water duck decoys and can you throw some goose deeks in there too.
  7. just wondering how, need help cuz i got some deeks and once the saw them they flared
  8. snow gooser


    just got a brand new echo diamond wood/poly call and it sounds so good i got it on sale from gander mtn for 20 bucks i couldnt pass it down. whats the differnce between a single reed or double. i got the double i hope i didnt make a mistake. would your guys opniom on single and double reads .thanx
  9. Do any of you guys have any expierince with this choke.likes dislikes any input would help alot thanx
  10. does the stoeger p-350 have the same choke threads as the benelli nova. thanx
  11. we went out today around waseca and we didnt see to many any of you guys now were they are in south minnesota
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