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  1. Can I send you my girlfriend for 3 days? She needs a little training too.
  2. I would be hesitant about attending any kind of rally, march or to otherwise assemble in a large group to protest a gun-related law issue. I agree with Tucker and MP in many ways. The media would look for any excuse to blow the whole thing way out of proportion, at which time the anti-gun people would say "See....look at those animals....this is what they are really like, and this is why we need to pass this ban". I wrote my State Rep about a 5 paragraph letter today before I went to work, and I tried to present my points in a somewhat "respectable" manner. If people just start running off at the mouth without any sort of tact, their comments will likely be ignored and passed off as coming from just another hothead with the i.q. of a tennis shoe. Just like Tucker mentioned, it would only take one person to totally ruin any kind of gathering of people. Those are the kind of things that would be a major set-back to responsible owners. I don't know very much about politics, nor do I follow any of the related media surrounding the issues. But I do think that part of this effort to ban weapons is nothing more than election-time propaganda. I'm not saying that it isn't real, or that there is no possibility of it becoming law, but it does seem to be too extreme even for a gun-hating democrat. Another thing I have absolutely no knowledge of is the existing background check required for purchasing firearms. For me, buying a long gun is about a 2 minute wait while the dude behind the counter calls in my info. After that, I have to sign a few times, and I'm out the door. Pistols are a 48 hour wait, even if the background check is ok right away. Was there anything in this proposed law concerning a change to this process? If it came down to it, I guess I would be willing to wait 48 hours before taking the gun home than to not even be allowed to buy it in the first place. There has to be a better way, as the guns themselves are not dangerous.
  3. Likwid

    SBE 2 Finger

    Something tells me that you already know the answer to that one.
  4. Likwid

    New Waders

    I wear the Cabelas Dry Plus un-insulated, and dress accordingly underneath. I'm never really in the water long enough to worry about the temp. Although I have been eyeing the Cabelas Ultimate 5mm for a future trip to Canada.
  5. Likwid

    Herters Decoys

    I figured that might be why I was ending up on their website. Thanks bro.
  6. Does anyone have a link to their website? I'm pulling my hair out over here.
  7. Would having two different dogs be out of the question? A good friend of mine, and hunting partner, has a Black Lab for waterfowl, and a German Shorthair for upland. Both will work for the other role, but we have the best results with two separate dogs. Just a thought.
  8. I was playing Trivial Pursuit the other day, and I learned that the Turkey was originally the National "bird" instead of the Americal Bald Eagle. I have a hard time imagining what life would be like if Turkeys were protected. My first guess is that there would be a few too many of them walking around.
  9. I saw a video clip the other day of just such a hunt, only it was in Africa.......for Lions. I'll look for the link, but the short and sweet is that they fired at a Lion, it fell, got up and charged them, knocking one down. No fatalities, thankfully, but the same deal......more money than anything else. I'm going to try and find that link, I think it was from ebaumsworld.com. I found it: http://ebaumsworld.com/2006/07/lionhunt.html
  10. The season isn't really long enough, and the timing of it stinks, as deer season opens right before waterfowl does. I live about 2 minutes from Michigan, and I hunt there as well. So between the two of them, I get about 60 days total, with one state starting 1 week after the other. We have plenty of birds here, don't get me wrong, but when early goose opened it was around 50 degrees yet. Right now would be perfect with the weather (rain) and snow on the way.
  11. *sigh* I wish I could still hunt ducks and geese........Wisconsin sucks.
  12. I know a guy at work that wants to buy a SX3, maybe I should print that picture from Mudhen and take it in for him. Failures like that are most unfortunate, but without them, you may never fully appreciate a gun that actually works.
  13. 2C's Game Farm in Peshtigo. I believe it's on Hale School road.
  14. There is a Pheasant Farm up here in Peshtigo that I frequent after waterfowl season is over. They pose no real challenge as opposed to ducks or geese, but it's still trigger time, and a good time.
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