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  1. Yup, The blends are proven turkey killers
  2. My SBE2 patterns well using BC#2 with the Benelli IC choke.
  3. Dunno how to change the plate. Maybe Tucker or Mudhen can answer the question.
  4. I have LH SBE2 and had similar problems. I found that I was not shouldering the gun properly. You must have it tight to your shoulder. Recently, I hunted in extreme rainy conditions and I thought I cleaned the gun properly. However, I had a couple improper cycling issues on the next duck hunt. I broke the gun the down abd clean with "Break Free" and it solved that problem.
  5. I had the same issue. If you go to Walgreens and buy a toe jell pad and cut it off to fit your finger, it solved my problem. In cold weather, I use the glacier gloves and I do not have an issue with my finger.
  6. I also would try Magnum Blend in 3 or 3.5.
  7. I have a 26 inch SBE 2. I use a 655 choke made by Ballistic Specialists in Batesville, AR. I found that the new 3.5 Magnum Blend works great with this choke.
  8. If you go to Bayou Meto in Arkansas, you really need a boat. Its a great place to hunt but it will become a boat race to the best spots. It is probably some of the best public green timber hunting in the United States. Horsepower is limited to 25 hp and if you don't have a 25 hp motor you will lose the race. You can not leave the launch sites until 4 am. The experienced hunters have all the best spots marks on their gps and will follow the tracks back to those spots. You are limited to 15 shells and have to stop hunting by noon. There is one walk-in area. Please go to the Arkansas Game
  9. Just google - Arkansas Duck Hunting Leases. Season just ended.... it was one of the worst that I have have had in a long time - It not just my opinion - I have heard that from several hunters - so there should be plenty of leases available next year....
  10. No, I have a RnT short barrel. Love the call. I just had it tuned by Butch himself at Stuttgart. Now, if we only had any ducks! SLow start - due to the rain, many farmers did not get the crops out of the fields until late and fields are just being flooded. Season just closed until December 10th.
  11. I have been using my factory IC choke and BC #2 with great results. I went to our gun store and wanted to buy a Carlson or Patternmaster BC choke. I found that the staff would sell me either choke but did not recommend them . They indicated that the benelli factory chokes work just fine with BC.
  12. After reading your post, I ordered some to get ready for the season in Arkansas. I went to several different forums. As always, I found that some hunters think they add motion while others think they got ripped off. I will let you know after we get into the season. Our season starts Nov 21st.
  13. I agree w/Tucker. I have realtree since I duck & turkey hunt.
  14. I found that my SBE2 w/IC choke and #2 Black Cloud does the job...
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