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  1. Briley Makes the best chokes! Get a Briley extended modified with the Blue tip Before I ruined my barrel Thats all I shot.(Briley Modified) Ported is worthless loud,(will piss your hunting buddies of!) and ther is no pattern improvement.
  2. I have all stock chokes and a briley or two... What's patterning best for you? Im currentley to sick to test..
  3. extended chokes, longer the barrel longer the range while not greatly improving range there is a noticibale difference Ive seen with my briley chokes.
  4. All ported chokes do is piss your buddies off and hurt your ears aswell! I talked to Briley reps many times and they say that porting has no improvement in pattern
  5. Hey didn't know if you got the check or sent the barrel

  6. been shootin a 24" for ten years and a 26" 8 years before that....No difference.
  7. I need to buy a new M1 barrel, I would perferable like to get a 28" or 26" because I duck and dove hunt alot 24" is okay. But i am open to anything you have in good condition that has not been modified. my e-mail is [email protected]
  8. hey drop me an email at [email protected] I am very serious about buying no games i need the barrel thanks, chaz
  9. something is loose or was loose.
  10. hey i am very interested in buying ill send you a pm in a sec.
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