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  1. Hello everyone , hope this sounds right. The round piece on the bottom of my stock where you grip it fell out. Does anyone know if that part can be replaced it looks to me like it just snaps in. Thanks
  2. I put a Nova bead on my M2 12 ga. a couple years ago to lower POI and it seems to have worked perfect, well my wife bought me a 20 ga. M2 for christmas and today was the first chance I had to shoot it and it shot really high with the C shim does anyone know if a Nova bead will fit on a 20 ga. M2. Thanks
  3. I bought used M2 and had to get Benelli to send me a C shim and lockplate in the owners manual it say the C shim is 65mm on the paperwork that came with the shim and lockplate it says 45/60 is this right. Thanks
  4. I think i might have found my problem the shim is down past the reciever and the sharp edges of the shim was rubbing my finger i will try and sand it down smooth and problem should be solved.
  5. I have been shooting my M2 for going on 2 years now mostly for dove hunting and have never had any problems until yesterday. I went duck hunting and was using 3" #2 Hevi Metal shells this is gonna be hard to explain but bear with me everytime I shot my middle finger would get slapped by the back of the trigger guard it seems right at the area where the stock meets the reciever and where the bottom of the shim is the 2 edges are sharp, I don't know if because I have the C shim in or if this is normal my buddy was using a SBE2 and I looked at his and his was smooth. Maybe if this makes sense to
  6. I have a M2 this will be my second season hunting with it I hope the gun shoots way high. I have the thickest shim in C i've added an easy hit sight heck I even tried a limbsaver pad, still shoots high I got to reading some earlier post and found one where a fella had the same problem and he used washers so Fri. I tried it I only got to shoot a couple times because it was getting dark and seems like my pattern is now 50/50 maybe a tad higher, before when I shouldered my gun I could see the rib all the way down now I see where the rib steps up and just the easy hit bead, hope this works I will
  7. I recently found a Beretta AL390 on sale and bought it just to dove hunt with, yesterday I took it out and shot it a little bit and did some patterning I was shooting 1 1/8 oz. heavy field loads and 1 1/4 oz. high brass shells and what I found out is to me there is no difference in felt recoil between this gun and my M2 plus the 390 is heavier doesn't point as quick and doesn't have different pads so you can change LOP. So in my opinion Comfortech works and is worth it. Now I will have a 390 gathering dust some people like me just have to learn the hard way.
  8. mark29860

    Camo Finish

    I've tried to find earlier post about cleaning the camo finish on my gun but haven't found any. Is it alright to use oil or just wipe it off with a damp rag. thanks
  9. mark29860

    Cast (fix)

    After dealing with my gun patterning to the left I went to a machine shop to see if they could make me a locking plate with the hole drilled in the center they said they could for $70 an hr. so I went to lowes bought a piece of flat steel went home and made one. After a trip to the pattern board everything seems fine, Its hard to believe that moving the hole in the locking plate about 1/4" or so it would make that much difference, but the test will come this weekend if the birds cooperate. Thanks for all the help guys.
  10. forget flipping the shims around it makes it worse. I thought it would but i had to try it. I found out one thing its not the gun i had someone else shoot it the pattern was perfect side to side, guess its me but i have no idea what i'm doing wrong or how to fix it
  11. I've read through these post and read my owners manual several times but i have to ask. I have a m2 right handed gun and i shoot right handed and my gun is patterning high and left I can live with the high. I am using the C shim, DX cast shim and C locking plate the CDX faces the pad, if i flip everything around to read SX will that make my gun shoot more left or more right. Seems when i shoulder the gun i see down the rib and the right side of the barrel and i know thats not right. One other thing I tried flipping the lock plate to read SX once before and after putting the stock back on i cou
  12. I have an M2 that i've shot about 15 or 16 boxes of shells. I believe the gun is broke in now, do you guys think I will have any trouble with my gun cycling light 1 oz. field loads. I thought I might try them on a quail hunt this weekend.
  13. With all the problems i've had with my gun I finally settled on the C shim, I also changed to a 14" lop pad and put an easy hit shotgun sight on. Now my pattern is about 50/50 but still a little left guess thats just something I will have to learn to deal with it, other than that the gun has performed perfect wish I could say that about my shooting. Thanks for all the help you fellas have given me.
  14. Appreciate the help after your response I got the shim out it clearly has D wrote on the shim but on the package they sent the shim in it says Drop Shim 65mm 12 ga SBE/M2 so I really don't know what i've got
  15. I recieved a D shim from Benelli for my M2 they did not send me a D locking plate does anyone know if one of the locking plates that came with the gun fitappreciate the help
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