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  1. So on to the next question.....any leads on a rail for the M2 field that is pre-drilled? I bought the turkey gun version 24" barrel and steadygrip in Realtree. Would like to buy the scope base in realtree as well and am only finding one from a company called 'Traditions'.....just not sure it fits the M2. I also found a Weaver model that should fit fine but it's black. I may just buy it and throw some rattle can paint on it if I can't find the proper rail.
  2. I’ve decided to just buy another gun afterall and have a line in an older NIB M2 with steadygrip that is pre-drilled. Thanks for the help y’all!
  3. Have been to MGW site, problem with getting a slug barrel is I want to mount a red dot, so a new barrel doesn’t fully answer the need. I’m also considering one of those Burris Speed Bead mounts but honestly, I hate the look of them.
  4. My M2 is not predrilled at all. May bite the bullet and find a SBE2.
  5. Hi, currently, I have a M2 Field with 28" barrel in bottomland and a HK super 90 tactical. I'm taking my son deer hunting at the end of the month and my buddy told me to bring a shotgun that can shoot slugs; he added that the area gets dark quickly due to tree canopy cover and that I should have a red dot or a scope. I don't want to drill into the M2 so here's my options as I see them: 1. Buy a dedicated turkey gun that comes with a pic rail. 2. Buy a field gun with rifled barrel and pic rail. 3. Buy a M4; I actually have read of people killing deer this way! 4. Just attach a h
  6. Got it. I realized last night that the fact I’m even asking this question is an indication of a bad move, price notwithstanding. Cheers.
  7. I want an M4. Just not sure if price is good for the camo version and will I hate the look of it after a month? Any opinions?
  8. Are all 'black eagles' slug guns? I just won one on an auction and have lots of questions.....didn't expect to win it!
  9. Hi, a little background....I've only ever shot the SBE1 and prefer the look to the newer version. As such, I found a NOS SBE1 that I will use for hunting. Needing a tactical shotgun, I figured it best to have a SBE in case I ever needed to swap parts (unlikely, but ya never know) so I found a used one with extended mag tube; will cut the barrel to 21" and have it threaded for chokes to also use for turkey hunting after dipping it camo. I want to get a pistol grip stock for it and I bought the SBE2 version by mistake, will it work? If not, I'd like to buy a black one and have read that the
  10. all I can find are those for SBE2. Please help....and if it's a dumb question, I apologize in advance! First time turkey hunter!
  11. Sorry....where on the gun? I see lots of writing and such but really see nothing that would indicate a date...but, I might not be looking in the right place:)!
  12. I looked on gunbroker and one was advertised as fitting SBE1, SBE2, Supernova, etc. I was under the impression that they weren't interchangeable?
  13. Really not interested in trades; would prefer to have both stocks for different hunts. Cabela's doesn't have them for SBE1. Gunpartscorp can get them from Benelli but they're expensive enough that I think I'm just gonna buy a supernova with pistol grip and have two guns! $240 seems like a lot to me but I'm new to this; maybe that's OK. For another $350, I can have another gun....man, this is a sickness! I've gone from zero guns to three (maybe now four) in the space of 4 months...stop the insanity!!!
  14. Where is the date stamped? I see a serial number if that would help? Owners manual has 1/2003 on it.
  15. Sorry, just new and didn't realize it was aftermarket. Thanks!
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