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  1. Anyone? The gun itself says 'Black Eagle' Yet all the references to Benelli's seem to be for SBE's. I am just trying to find a replacement barrel. PS no way to post up a picture. Thanks
  2. So my gun has a BA (1991) on the gun itself and the barrel has an AZ (1990) stamp. Is this gun considered a Black Eagle and not a SBE? I am trying to get a different barrel, so I need to be clear on what model the gun is. Thanks
  3. What is the easiest way to determine exactly what model my Benelli is? Is there a database where I can look up the serial number? Thanks
  4. I have a 1991 BLACK EAGLE (not SBE) with a '12 GA Magnum barrel' and a Simmons scope I would like to sell. My dad bought this gun for deer hunting and used it ONCE! I do more bird hunting etc. I would like to sell or even possibly TRADE for a barrel with screw in chokes for birds/clays. I would like a quick sale so if you are serious email me at [email protected] Thanks Frank
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