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  1. I'm shooting Hevi-13 3 1/2" Magnum with a Hevi-Shot Turkey choke. When patterned at 40 yards I get 525 pellets in a 30 inch circle. With good even coverage. The only question I ever had about the Crio barrels is are they like other barrels as far as different chokes and different loads work better with different guns. With the crio barrell being frozen and everything they may pattern similar.
  2. Is it just with the Nitro turkey loads? Maybe try a different turkey load and see what it does. Doubt it would make a difference, but if it has never happened with a regular field load I have no idea why it would be happening now. I would not want to try this turkey hunting because of the noise the shell would make, but load the gun and hit the cartridge drop lever to throw another out of the magazine and see if that will replicate the problem.
  3. I had not noticed this, but I was reading American Hunter and they were showing new gear. Carlson is the one that actually makes the Hevi-13 Choke tube.
  4. Well I have one of the Hevi-13 chokes for my SBEII and am shooting the 3 1/2 Hevi-13 Magnum blend. Patterened out at 40 yards with 577 pellets in a 30 inch circle. The 10 inch had 121. This morning I rolled up 3 long beards one at 30 yards, one at 35 yards and one at 40 yards with one shot. Now that is my gun, every gun is different good luck.
  5. Yeah, all it takes is for a few more #7's to be mixed in than are supposed to be and there is your extra pellets.
  6. That is the Hevi-13 Magnum blend. It is 5,6,7 2 1/4oz. shot. The website states 525 pellets in a shell, but I counted twice and got 577.
  7. Tru Glo makes a site that is snap on it is called Tru-Point. It snaps on secure and is lined to not scratch the rib.
  8. Shoot the gun in a vice, lead sled, sand bag, etc. It could be that you are pulling the gun when shooting. However, shooting all those times it is very unlikely that you are. I know that I had patterend the magnum blend in my SBEII twice and pulled it right both times. The last time I patterend it with sand bags and it pulverized the paper. I took mudhen's advice and set up at 40 yards with a 10" circle and a 30" circle outside of that. I had 577 in a 30" circle at 40 yards. The gun did shoot high, but I am going to get some fiber optic sights to put on that will lower it some. One
  9. I just want to see some opinions on this one. What should you shoot a 3" or 3.5" shell. I have heard everything from a 3 is as good as a 3.5 because you loose speed with the 3.5, unless you get nitro shells that are loaded with more powder. Well then comes to play what about the new Hevi-Shot Magnum blend. The speed is increase to 1200 fps. Then you look at the ounces of shot. Some of the Hevi-13 3.5" only has 1 3/4 ounces of shot, others have 2 1/4 ounces. What to shoot what to shoot?
  10. I suppose that the next thing is going to be that the color of the choke tube effects the way it patterns. Being as we have an engineer, or excuse me a registered professional engineer, looks like he would test all this stuff for us. Although, looks like he is just bound a determined that he is right about it. All you need is a video camera to test the wad and shot separation theory, and I am sure that being an engineer you could find some way to test the recoil in foot pounds. Just an idea.
  11. This artical on Pure Gold chokes explains porting of choke tubes. The porting aides the separation of wadding from shot. http://www.gameacc.net/pure_gold_lit_hunting.pdf Carlson's ported turkey choke is only $40, which in the scheme of testing different turkey loads is nothing.
  12. You want a ported choke. It reduces muzzle jump. Carlson are good chokes, however i have never tried their turkey choke. Mudhen swears by an Indian Creek choke. I have also heard that the Primos Jelly Head, Rhino, and Pure Gold chokes are good. I have one of the new Hevi-Shot chokes for my SBEII and it patterns well, it is just once you get the choke you have to pattern many different loads to find which one your choke/gun combo likes. I also have a Kick's Gobblin Thunder choke for my Stoeger Model 2000 and it patterns well also. For a 12 gauge a .665 is a good constriction, however it
  13. This is the pic from Cabelas it is the same as the HeviShot website just clearer. This is the pic of the actual choke. There is a significant difference wouldn't you say?
  14. I see the Browning Pump now. I noticed that it was an Indian Creek choke after I posted.
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