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  1. I have decided to purchase the indian creek turkey choke for my benelli m2. I came to the conclusion on a somewhat blind leap of faith, as i am not able to buy and pattern every choke tube I would like to. The advice on this site is generally pro indian creek so i will take your word for it. My question is which of the IC chokes fit the m2, is it the one that says it fits the benelli/beretta, or the one that fits the sbe2/extrema2. I have tried to email IC about this but having them return an email is a small miracle in itself. I dont live close to the store that sells the choke, and everyone i have spoken to there has a different answer. Any educated advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Im more confused now than I was before i posted.
  3. I am in the market for a new turkey choke and looking for some advice on a few factors. First off choke constriction, I am looking at the carlson .665 for my M2, I read that this is one of the best sizes for consistent patterns but i cant pattern all of the different sizes so I dont know for sure. Also looking at ported vs non ported, any advice? Lastly choke brand, I like the carlson because I think they make the crio choke for benelli but im not sure? Any advice on which brand chokes are best. ty
  4. What is the purpose of the raised rib barrel? Is it the same as a vented rib barrel? Do they tend to shoot high?
  5. What is the purpose of Copper Plated shotshells? Is it for better penetration or to stop pellet deformation? Is it worth the extra$$$?
  6. I recently purchased a benelli m2 field as my do it all shotgun ,and love it. My question is why did benelli decide not to put a mid bead on the m2 like they did with the sbe2? Also what exactly is the mid bead designed for, and should i consider putting one on my m2 as it is my do it all shotgun.
  7. What Shotshell and Choke combo do you use on open field Jack Rabbits?
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