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  1. nobody wants a spare to throw in their blind bag?
  2. I have for sale Full Modified and Improved Modified choke tubes for the SBE 2 or M2 These are the shiny silver ones........ Brand new never used $35 Shipped PayPal only accepted. Also have Full Modified and Improved Modified in flat black. These are Benelli choke tubes made by Trulock $35 Shipped Email to benny365 @ Yahoo dot Com All are Brand new.......I have all aftermarket tubes for my SBE 2 so these are no good to me!!!!!
  3. Where I saw this was on a PBS show, some rich SOB purchased this hunt at an auction. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the birds dive bombing the dogs retrieving the dead ones. It was almost as if you could say pull and out comes a mallard trying to land on top of you. I would be embarrassed if I was found to have participated in something like this.
  4. What are your thaughts on them? I'm not exactly sure what they are even.
  5. Tom Knapp makes a nice replacement. You can get it on his website
  6. benny365

    Not firing

    I wouldn't count your crawfish before there caught fella
  7. Foiles, Foiles and Foiles Duck, Duck Goose
  8. either way that gun is quick!
  9. OK Mr. tucker301 you seem to be the know it all around here, lets hear your explanation. Or is it the same ol' "follow the owners manual". (in other words) you don't know either and you have to be a smart a$$. HAHAHA Forum bully:)
  10. I just patterned my SBEII with a carlson extended .665 3 1/2 #5's. 50 yards there were only about half dozen bbs in the head and neck. So 40 is about the limit with me too.
  11. I'm the type of person who likes to ask WHY? I've always wanted to know how things work. I would love for someone to explain to me why we need to break in the firearm and what exactly is being broke in. I'm not trying to be snooty, I'm just a very curious person.
  12. I purchased the SBE II due in part to its performance, ease of disassembly and Benellis remarkable reputation. Admittedly watching Tom Knapp bust ten clays with a Benelli enviously makes me think I can do it. Why do you ask?
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