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  1. This is thread has taken quite the evolution from where I started it!
  2. Yeah, I read that but it is pretty vague. 3-4 boxes of hunting loads could mean a lot of different things in different sizes. That could be 3 boxes of heavy 3.5, or 1 1/4 2.75 shells. Any suggestions?
  3. Ok fellas, I gave in. I got mine today in synthetic with 28" barrel. I can't wait to go shoot her. Looks great, I can't say I have ever been this excited about a firearm purchase. How did you guys break yours in? I am thinking of shooting some clays weds, and was just planning on shooting 1 1/8 oz loads. Should I shoot heavier to start? Any recommendations are appreciated
  4. Do most of you guys have the SBEII in the 26" or the 28"??? Thnx Anyone in texas know the lowest price they have seen? I have seen 1339 at most places and 1299 at Basspro in Katy
  5. Ok fellas, like many of you out there I spent some of my younger years with an 870 in hand and it is worn out. Time for a new gun. I need a little help from you Benelli owners I spend about 30-40% of my time shooting clays, and the other hunting dove, ducks, and geese. I want one gun that is a "do it all" I like the flexibility of shooting 3.5" in the SBEII, but I am somewhat concerned about lighter loads (3 dram, 1 1/8 target) when shooting clays with the SBEII. Can anyone let me know if they have had chambering problems with the SBEII and light loads? Do these guns need to be broken in with heavy shells and then eased into shooting light loads or can I go shoot clays with it out of the box? Thanks guys, I appreciate the input before I make the investment
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