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  1. Hi, I cant find any black edition of the SBE 2 pistol grip stock, so I was thinking maybe "M2 and M3 Pistol Grip" would fit the SBE2 since they look the same... Anyone who have tried or knows if the do? Thanks... Dandy!
  2. Cant you find Benelli factory made mag extensions in the US? Would like to buy the best there is.
  3. Im allso looking for the SBE2 factory made mag extension. The "long" version, http://www.benelli.it/Articoli/Armi.asp?ID=25 Anyone know were i can get one of those? If I rembembery correctly they were removed from the US Benelli site, half a year ago. Any one who knows why? //Dandy
  4. I live in Sweden so I have some difficulties to get it shippt here. But thanks anyway. You dont know a gundealer who exports gunparts who sells them?
  5. I ordered the Benelli "mounting rail kit" Check under accessories http://www.benelli.it/Articoli/Armi.asp?ID=25 It cost me about 84 dollar. BTW I have mounted an Aimpoint
  6. Hi, Anyone know if i can find SBE2 steadygrip in black? Would like to have an optional stock whit pistolgrip for deer hunting. But I can only find the SBE2 Steadygrip in Advantage Timber HD®, since my SBE2 is in black I would like the stock to be in black aswell. Anyone know were I can find this product, for example not even Cabela has it in black. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?id=0041189228221a&type=product&cmCat=search&returnPage=search-results1.jsp&QueryText=steadygrip&N=4887&Ntk=Products&Ntx=m ode+matchall&Nty=1&a
  7. dandy

    Weapon light!

    Sorry, no sidearmour. I didn't get a licens for a magextension (In Sweden you have to have a special licens for magextension more then three shots) So I couldn't mount it. But instead I have ordered another mount witch you just strap around the pip whit rubber straps. It works, but dont look to good, but It have to do for now. But I will ordera larue Aimpoint mount Ill post some pics on my shotgun when I have recived all parts. [ 09-26-2006, 12:40 PM: Message edited by: dandy ]
  8. dandy

    M1014 Manual

    Tucker mad a great one, do a search for it
  9. dandy

    Weapon light!

    Now I have ordered following. One M3-CB combatlight One FM15 Red filter One XM07 tailcap Two Boxes of Surefire 123A Batterys. Thanks everyone for your help especial Duggan. Ps. Nice setup, dont think I will regret this. //Dandy
  10. dandy

    Weapon light!

    So the XM07 tailcap switch fits M3 combatlight? Ok I have made my decision, Now im going to order a M3 combatlight
  11. Were did you buy that steadygrip stock for your SBE??? And what did it cost? HAvent found any stadygrip for SBE2 in black.
  12. dandy

    Weapon light!

    Great links, but some of them are a little bit overkill Ok, the final decision. I have to order before the weekend. M3 or M96! Im leening toward M3 since there are more accessorys for that light. Ill post some pics of my shotgun when I have recived all the parts. It will be in the middle of december. Thanks everyone for your help, especilly Duggan, I am very greatfull for your help. //Dandy
  13. Why cant they make these kind of rail systems for hunting shotguns like SBE2 and M2?
  14. dandy

    Weapon light!

    If we put it like this ínstead, I need a weapon light for hunting, mostly for stalking traffic wounded games in pitch dark. Following demands do I have. 1. Surefire 2. Atleast hundred yards of light 3. Possible to add turbo head reflector or something alike. 4. Remote switch. possible to mount on the forend 5. Reliable. 6. A mounting solution witch fits both shotgun and rifle. What light fulfil all these demands? //Dandy
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