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  1. Hello, I have a m1 field shotgun. I wanted to add the pistol grip and 14" barrel. Does anyone know where I can get the barrel?
  2. I may have the stock for sale. give me a call 856-264-3005
  3. Got the steady grip online, its the same one used for the m190
  4. Here is a pic of my SBE with steady grip and Zeiss 3x9 50mm scope. This thing is a deer slayer. Shot many deer with it last year. Also thanks to this site, some of you recommended using winchester's platinum tips. The destruction that put on a deer is unbelievable.
  5. Thanks Duggan.. Merry Christmas to you too.
  6. No help on this guys??? Does anyone have a SBE with a large scope on it and the steady grip? I checked out a few brands online but nothing looks like it will work on the skinny stock of the steady grip.
  7. Thats where it gets tricky, the steady grip stock is very skinny, if you look at the cheek pads on cabelas web site, it holds on to the little notch on the top of the stock.. Thats why I wanted to see if there was anything special out there made for my gun...
  8. Hi, I have a SBE1 slug gun with the steady grip and a Zeiss scope. By doing this, the scope is very high and I cant rest my cheek on the stock anymore. Does anyone know what kind of cheek pad will fit this gun? Thanks, Joe.
  9. I have the SBE I . I've had this gun for 3 years and shot thousands of rounds out of it without any problems. The only exception is 1oz loads. It does not cycle them. I have to shoot the 1 1/8. Maybe the SBE II is different.
  10. SBE Joe

    Slug - Hunting

    Never mind, I see you are from NJ. What part?
  11. SBE Joe

    Slug - Hunting

    Butch. I use to use the Light fields but gave them up. I felt they were very sensitive to any type of cross wind. I've since switched to the platinum tips and love them. I killed 13 deer this year my self and and think these slugs are great. My gun is so accurate with these slugs, I can almost compare it to a rifle from 0-125 yards. By the way, Are you hunting NJ like me????
  12. To any one who shoots the Super black eagle. Last month I posted on here asking for help on a good slug for my SBE. I tried the Platinum Tip from Winchester. On paper they shot like a dream 2-inch group a 50yrds and only a 1-inch drop at 100yds. When in the field I was impressed even more. I shot two nice size does last week while making a drive. The first deer was running full bore at 60 yards and was hit just under the spine and In the guts, any other bullet or arrow would have resulted in a wounded deer and require tracking. This deer fell right in its tracks and died in seconds. I guess fr
  13. Hey guys, Finally shot those Platinum tip slugs. I'll tell you I was very impressed. I grouped 5 shots at 50 yrds the size of a baseball. Good considering i was fighting a strong cross wind. the slug only dropped about an inch and a half at 100 yrds and drifted 2 1/2 inches to the right due to the 10mph cross wind. In all I think this is a nice Non violent bullet that shoots great out of our guns. Thanks for the tip. Joe.
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