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  1. Yes, very strange indeed... [ 02-17-2005, 10:59 AM: Message edited by: profeti ]
  2. To be slander an oral statement must be false. The word you're looking for is libelling. And, again, to be libel a publication (i.e. something one can look at, like printed words or pictures) must be false. An Arkansan could be forgiven for not knowing the difference, I suppose. But, my sac and I thank you for the admiration none the less.
  3. mudhen: thanks. I'll stop by Canyon Sports EFLOYD: Er... Where do I order a girl like that?!
  4. mudhen, Perhaps I should have said "I Really wanted that Nova...." My post wasn't intended to be a dig at Benelli's product and I don't think that taken in context the line, even as written, could fairly be construed as a dig at the firearms. If there's a dig in my post directed at Benelli, it relates to their vetting of their dealers. Ironically, I went in with high expectations based on this reply by Nelli Girl to a comment of yours: emphasis added Admittedly, my experience with this particular dealer has given me pause. But, as I indicated previously, I'm willing to
  5. The issue with this gun was not wear. It was two, centimeter square, nicks on the magazine. The gun had been damaged pure and simple. And given the attitude of the dealer the damage was probably done by them. They tried to say it arrived that way form Benelli a couple of days ago, this was an outright lie. I was there 10 days earlier watching the guy write the serial number on my receipt. mudhen: If you're not a discerning consumer...well, that's your business. No one is forcing you to read or comment here so save the snarkiness. I'm just trying to find a good dealer in my area.
  6. SBE Joe: I was unaware that Cabela's carried Benelli. We don't have any retail stores here in CA that I'm aware of, and apparently that's the only way to get firearms from Cabela's. Any further info would be appreciated though... GB: Thanks! Maybe I'll PM you in a couple of days. (I guess I need to do a little more research though.) Turkey: The notion that defects out of the box should be overlooked is, IMO, obscene. I own a product development/manufacturing company and know quite well how difficult quality control can be in a mass production environment. But we insist that our
  7. I went to pick up my new Nova pump today and was very disappointed to see two spots of bare steel on the magazine. I pointed them out to the dealer and said it was unacceptable to have such defects on a new firearm. He first said it was "no big deal" and that "it would scratch up like that" from use anyway. I insisted that it was unacceptable and that they needed to repair or replace the Nova or give me my money back. After some grumbling, the dealer went in the back and returned a few minutes later and handed me the Nova. It was obvious that he had just run a permanent black marker over
  8. HerbG, Thank you very much, I would have probably never thought of that! After checking out the prices on barrels I've decided to wait till I actually get my paws on the Nova (~7 more days) before making any purchase...
  9. This is probably a stupid question, but does it work the other way round? That is, will I be able to use a 18.5 barrel with my 12ga 3.5" Nova? (still in the waiting period, so I don't have it or the manual)
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