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  1. Sell it ... and buy a gas operated shotgun...lol I own a 12ga SBE2 slug-gun since 2003 with an added smoothbore barrel, and a 20ga M2 slug-gun. Both of them go through the same crap. I've killed hundreds of deer with them but the "bulletproof" reputation of Benelli is comical. First thing you have to know is if you start hanging extension tubes, weapon lights, optics, and anything else on them you're counteracting the recoil system and just asking for failure to feeds.
  2. Tested the SBE2 with new OEM springs and it functioned flawlessly using 3" Federal Barnes Expander shells.
  3. Thanks … I'll test the re-springed SBE2 on January 5th, and use the M2 with 3" shells on deer January 12th. If there are any further cycling issues I'll take your advice.
  4. Butch-M


    I tend to agree with you but not for fit & finish. Wait until the all so common "failure to feed" cycling problems begin...lol I've owned Ferrari and Ducati, and the Italians are brilliant in some areas, then do something exotic & stupid to screw it all up. (I'm part Italian, so I'm allowed)😉
  5. I just replaced the original 2003 springs in my SBE2 with Benelli OEM replacements. The slug gun ran fine for about 7 years, then started failure to feed issues. Replaced the recoil spring with a +25 Wolff, but that made no improvement. Yesterday I replaced the recoil spring in the stock, inertia in the bolt, trigger and carrier springs in the trigger group, and the magazine tube spring. With a very fine file, filed any nicks or high spots along the bolt to receiver guide rails. (surprisingly, quite a few small high spots) Judiciously "Honed" out the shell chamber with a high quality cham
  6. Couple more questions: #1. Is there any reason to disassemble the Recoil Spring Plunger Assembly? Why is there a spring inside that plunger to begin with? Can it be causing or contributing to a cycling issue? #2. How hard is it to get the "Recoil Spring Assembly" off the receiver if I wanted to replace it with a "Sure Cycle" system? #3. Are the Sure Cycle recoil assemblies any good? Do they solve the cycle problems?
  7. A bit off topic, but for what it's worth I've never seen so many deer need a second killing shot as I've seen with 20ga Remington Accutips. I've seen hundreds of deer killed with slugs in Deer Management Programs. Many participants are enamored with the Savage 220F and that gun shoots those Accutips well. Trouble is it seems like they were designed for African dangerous game and hardly expand. Seem to just punch through. I won't use them. Remington just introduced a shell using the Barnes copper tipped bullet. That bullet is what I use/used in the 12ga Benelli SBEII as a Federal. Feder
  8. I used to frequent this forum years back when I was stacking up deer with a slug gun. I remember Mudhen. I think he used to paddle his duck boat with his Benelli. 😉 Came across this old information posted by REMARKABLE back in 2009. Found it when I was trying to find out what function the spring "inside" the recoil tube plunger assembly accomplishes. You reported a few things I didn't consider. One being chamber cleanliness. Everything being immaculately clean is of course contrary to the AK47, shoots anywhere under any conditions, BS reputation Benelli has perpetrated...lol
  9. Remarkable: I certainly appreciate your effort. But here's the reality: #1. Both the 2003, 12ga SBEII and the 2014, 20ga M2 were bought as slug guns. There was nothing advertised that you had to use cannon loads to run them, nor that the firearm has to be held a certain way to shoot it. (By the way, I initially fired the slug guns with a firm draw back into the shoulder to help control barrel rise.) Having to hold a long gun a certain way to have it function properly borders on comical, if it wasn't so ludicrous. I've killed hundreds of deer and hogs in management programs; almost
  10. I'll try the more powerful Federal 3" Trophy Copper slugs. It's an incredible testimonial that I have $3,300.00 worth of Benelli slug guns topped with another $2,000.00 of Zeiss optics and neither gun can be trusted to cycle a slug??? Solutions? There are none. You have to hold the weapon a certain way? You can't add any more than XYZ amount of weight to the weapon? (Well what about those 10 round tube extensions?) A slug gun should cycle rounds if I was hanging from my toes upside down, with a cement block tied to it, and I was shooting it with one hand. For 3k I can't put a scope o
  11. Does anybody think it could be the inertia spring contained INSIDE the bolt? Evidently it stores energy upon firing and drives the bolt assembly rearward, ejecting the spent shell, energizing the long spring in the stock to drive the fresh shell up and into battery.
  12. Just had the exact same problem. Darn frustrating. I have an old 12ga SBEII that killed hundreds of deer doing the same thing for the last few years. Two different Wolf springs, apart 3 times, cleaned immaculately, Failure to Feed after failure to feed. The 20ga M2 has been in a box for a few years, pulled it out for this season. Shot it perhaps 50 rounds evaluating different slugs after I bought it hoping it would produce improved accuracy over the proven 12ga. It didn't so I didn't put it in service. Had perhaps a couple failure to feeds, but assumed it was the ridiculously stupid Bene
  13. Well I put 10 boxes of different ammo through the gun and it doesn't shoot worth a hoot. My 12ga SBEII shoots better and is made better. Have to add ... this forum has changed a lot in the last 8 years. There was a time when I'd have gotten ten answers to any question. The Benelli M2 in 20 gauge will be on GunBroker.com next week.
  14. Update: I e-mailed both the dealer and additionally a seperate e-mail to Nordic on the 20ga tube magazine problem last night. By 10:00am this morning the great folks at Nordic already had the correct lower nut in the mail and on it's way to make things right! Outstanding service!
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