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  1. Dear Gang, I have another stupid question for the group: -I am going to get a Zeiss Z-Point reflex sight that I can interchange between guns. It can be had in a "picatinny" or a "weaver" compatible base. Is there a way to mount this on a SBE II or M2 without marring the gun? If I were going to mount it on a M4, would I simply need to get the "picatinny" mount? TIA, Mark
  2. Mark D

    home defense

    Wingbone, Thank you so much for taking the time write your thoughts on a fairly morbid, but important, subject. And, please do continue with your "take" on the subject of home defense as I am going to continue reading this thread (and re-reading it), and I'm going to direct some of my friends to this thread (remember, my buddies have all recently contemplated this topic owing to some of the home break-ins that have occurred around here). What I don't particularly need, but thought I'd probably get by posing my original question in a Benelli forum, is a gun nut's pontification on the
  3. Whamo, In my opinion, from what you've shared about your intended quary, I don't think you need a gun capable of shooting 3.5" shells (i.e. the SBE II might be overkill for you). I have both the SBE II and the M2. Both are beautiful in an auster sort of way (both of mine are black), however, I find myself using the M2 much more as it shoulders easier for me and it's lighter. I've also found that for ducks the 3" shells are plenty (I use the heavier tungsten loads). About the only game I'd use 3.5" on are turkey. I think for geese I'd probably still use the 3" with tungsten. Both
  4. Mark D

    home defense

    Wingbone, Thank you for taking the time to reply and for doing so in such a thorough way. What would you say is the preferable home defense weapon, a pistol or a shotgun? I've actually done quite a bit of pistol shooting in the past, but usually with revolvers (.357) and I've never been impressed with my ability to snap on a target quickly and consistantly. In fact, for reasons I can't quite explain, expert pistol shooting (much like golf) still aluded me despite lots of practice. As my wife would be using this gun, too, I also figured that a shotgun would be preferable and easier to
  5. Mark D

    home defense

    Dear Gang, We've had a spate of home break-ins over the last few weeks in my formerly sleepy little hometown. This has led to a run on pistols at our local gun shop by home owners. As I'm a crummy shot with a pistol and because I too now feel the need to get some home protection, I've decided to get a shotgun specifically for home defense. However, I need some advice and I thought ya'll might be able to help. I hunt with Benelli shotguns and I've come to really like the Inertia system. I thought I'd purchase a shorter barrelled Inertia driven Benelli that I could teach my wife to
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