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  1. Well i currently work at a gun/tackle shop, so the selection on shot guns that i can use and or look into buying is HUGE!, but i have heard from my co workers who work in the hunting dept to go for the M2. They also do quail, pheasant etc etc. So coming from the reviews and experience from everyone here and at the shop i really think i should go for the M2. And also price isnt a problem for me as we get pro deals and what not on alot of models that we carry, for the employees. So what im now wondering is if i did pick up the M2 would it be very reliable and worth every penny once it has been purchased?. [ 11-07-2006, 02:24 AM: Message edited by: Whamo22 ]
  2. Does the M2 come in black or a wood finish?, cant seem to find it on the benelli site. I see the wood finish but it doesnt have the comfort grip.
  3. Well i am currently looking for a nice shot gun to do the job durring the winter season, since saltwater fishing is really what i focus on and mostly do durring the 8-9 months out of the year. So a buddy of mine does saltwater fishing 8-9 months out of the year as well with me, and as winter sets in he gets his shot guns ready and prepared for quail, dove, duck, pheasant etc etc. So i was thinking about doing the same thing and join in with him and a few other friends of mine. So the question basicly draws down to on what i should really look into buying. I have heard of Berreta being good and Benelli being a top favorite over the other brands. And i did pick up a few and i really do like the light weight of preety much all the models of Benelli semi-auto shotguns. But just not to sure on which one i should pick up, i have heard good things about the M2 models and the SBE 2s, and as i am not a fan of the camo im kinda pushing for a black or wood finish on mine. So if any information i can get off this site would be very helpful. I also have previously read that the 26 inch barrel is better than the 28 inch, i also have heard that the 3 1/2 shot is an over kill or something like that. So what i am really wanting to know is what should i look into more i will be using this shot gun for quail, pheasant, duck, dove. Nothing more and nothing less. Just basicly an over all type of 12 gauge shotgun, that will do the job on all waterfowl. Thanx in advance guys and gals, i appreciate the advice and support.
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