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  1. Don't know much about these guys, but found this link some time back. http://www.autoweapons.com/pagelinks/benelliaccy.html


    Ah, I stand corrected. Thanks for the clarification Chuck S. What should have been stated is "Your M&P pistol MAY be equipped with a magazine disconnect which prevents the pistol from firing when the magazine is removed from the pistol. I do agree with your choice of an H&K USP. The H&K USP's and the Sig Sauer P220, P229 & P226 are the only two pistols manufacturers out of seven that passed the DHS (Defense of Homeland Security) stringent requirement. That requirement being, they lodge a bullet in the barrel, creating a squib load. Firing a live round behind it, clearing the barrel and able to continue placing accurate shots down range, without impregnation / bulging / or damage to the barrel or frame.
  3. Thanks SD, I guess I'll just have to pass on the altering and try out the sling with the original mounting ports. Do you have any comments on a Belt Bandolier instead of the regular shoulder bandolier?
  4. Thanks for the pic SD. I didn't realize that you had to drill out the existing hole in the Grip to make this QD fit. I didn't want to have to alter the original Retaining Pin hole. Question; What made you's decide NOT to use either the Sling Slot or Sling Ring Access port in the stock? Just curious.
  5. Nice Pics SD. What brand is your bandolier? and if I remember correctly, didn't you have the VCAS padded sling with swivel mounts? At any rate, you save me some money in the long run (not purchasing the Sidearmor Saddel Mounts) I'll spend it on Kips rail. Thanks again for the pics. Nice country out there!
  6. Received mine yesterday; Installed and agree with the same irregularities in fit as TKTM, LeoAtrox, and Kronik. Not as perfect but will suffice for $50. Some areas are not as thick as the OEM, inside tongue. It holds together fine while handling but I won’t be able to shoot or send pics until next week to see how it holds under fire.

    Forum Spammers

    And here I thought they were Covert Foreign Enemy Cells corresponding with each other sending coded messages , but what do I know.
  8. Nice pics MurphySteuer! Hey, what rear QD are you sporting and where did you pick it up?
  9. If you wouldn't mind SD, I sure would like to see that set up. I don't have any slings nor swivels on mine yet, but will be adding these in the near future. I've seen the m80. Pics of sling and swivels would be great! Thanks
  10. I have two on the way! Now if Kip releases his parts, we'd all be happy!
  11. Carlson's new Tactical Breacher Choke. http://www.choketube.com/mobilchoke.html
  12. Great analogy Chuck! Perfect example: Neighbor wakes up from a helicopter flying low at 1:18am with its spot light search yards, patrol cars flying up and down the street. The neighbor had a break in and didn’t hear the intrusion, but heard his dog barking and growling. So he gets up and heads to the sliding glass door wondering what the **** all that commotion is out there. Looks to his right and there’s the intruder , climbed through his window. So he takes off running toward his bedroom and thinks; Sh*T! I can’t leave him in the house. So he turns around and runs toward the burglar and shoves, launching him back out the window breaking the window. He runs to the garage, runs over to his safe and tries to open his combination safe, calling the police with the other hand. Well, to make a long story short, the burglar got away, the police never caught him and the neighbor will NOT keep a loaded gun next to his bedside, keeps it in the safe. What’s more humorous is he asked another neighbor about a year ago if he could buy five 357 mag rounds from him. Neighbor asked him “Why don’t you just head down to the store and buy a box”. He said he only needs five to load his gun. This could have been a tragic story for having an armed safe instead of an armed owner. Seconds count guys!
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