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  1. TKTM

    Ammo prices?

  2. Same here for me, I won't ever Ski in Colorado again
  3. The New York State Police list the Benelli M2-Tactical as being an assault weapon, but they don't list the M4. see http://troopers.ny.gov/Firearms/NYS_SAFE_Act/
  4. I'm surprised they still have these in stock; they'll be up above $500 shortly
  5. Yes comrade, let the Central Committee deal with him!
  6. The politics seem very clear that something is going to happen to the availability of the M4. Does that mean we should not talk about 922R compliance and future changes? After all, that was purely political maneuver on George Bush's part; much like the ATF shotgun study was going to hit us last year. How about discussions about what happened to the H20 and why?
  7. Having the "opposite" part in the House certainly provides them an opportunity to appear to stand for something different; but again its just another good cop / bad cop routine. No matter what the party the outcome remains the same; a good example is George W Bush, he was the biggest Democrat since Johnson and the "Republican" House back him all the way. The fact is that even with the Repubicrats in the House and the Demopublicans in the White house, they pass more and more laws every day that people don't pay attention too, the only things they supposedly "disagree" on are for the Public
  8. You mean like when the "Conservatives" flipped to approve Obama Care and Eminent Domain? When it comes down to it pretty much every single Supreme Court judge will tell you that the Constitution made the Declaration of Independence null and void. None of them hold the position that the Constitution was enshrined to protect and further the concepts of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". The fact is that the whole mess is just the functional equivalent of running the Good Cop / Bad Cop scam on the masses.
  9. It operates under the fallacy that there was some sort of actual difference between Obomney and Robama.
  10. That chart shot should be titled": "A guide to snaring and convicting innocent people" Can you imagine if some how they got criminals to even worry about that flow chart.
  11. Maybe a quality TAPCO product will be next.
  12. Looks like he missed an opportunity to practice returning fire in a live fire "I'm shot" scenario, lol; now that would have been a video.
  13. TKTM

    FFT forend review

    Nothing worse than buying a milspec qualtest passed firearm and then being forced to make it less safe or reliable with 3rd party parts. And, that is the real issue; a few reports of non stress test failures makes it clear to me that it is high risk to rely on such a part under actual conditions. In that regard, replacing the forearm is deceiving because it seems like its just a cosmetic part; but on the M4 it is much more because it can influence barrel to breech fit. I had hoped these problems would have been worked out by now but given 'Fliplip's report, these handguards oughtt to be
  14. they've got like the worst website frontpage in the world
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