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  1. i guess i dont suck now hahahahaha pics are posted video is next im gonna be throwing my m4 in the mud water and sand and seeing how it preforms, because there are no videos out there. or unless everyone to scared to put their shotgun through that kind of torture test.
  2. ill give my pro mag rails for free if you pay the shipping or if you want ****, if you pay ill get you the damn rail im not on the governments favor list anyway wgaf. its only a rail.
  3. DKLoenne

    My Benelli M4

    this is my m4 tricked out pro mag stock, mesa tactical side saddle, freedom fighter trigger, hammer, and disconnect, ggag oversize charging bolt, surefire rail, tangodown rear foregrip, barska front foregrip 260 lumes, freedom fighter 2 round mag extension, barska 5mv green laser, green follower and a tactical breecher trulock. enjoy suckers.
  4. just got my pro mag for my benelli. i love it i couldnt afford the 500 dollar factory but this one is freakin awsome. final piece for my benelli i has the coolest benelii out there.
  5. My thoughts are that it's partially made overseas , cheap quality in craftsmanship it might not be 922r com.


    Some people are into quality some aren't .

  6. gun safari has them for about 170 with free shipment. i think their website is down but call them
  7. ive went today and spoke to gun experts in benelli and they had said this weapon can go through the worst conditions that anyone will go through. i still might make a video and just got 3 parts for my trigger installed today to make it 922r compliant.i had orderd a pro mag stock yesterday cant wait to get it
  8. what these days isnt made in china look on the tags of everything you own 1 percent made in the usa. try shop barska the have pretty good stuff i buy from them all the time.
  9. DKLoenne

    Torture Test?

    I was wondering if anyone that own's a m4 or m1014 has torture tested it, to see how it preforms, as if it was dropped in water, mud, or sand. If you guys have any advise let me know. If there isnt any videos, maybe ill make one and post it.
  10. ive fired all kinds of ammo in my m4 and ive noticed that some rounds get stuck in the ejection port. some guy told me that it was the 6 shot side saddle that i put on. can anyone help, and also a gun guy told me that i have to fire 1 1/4 oz in grain or higher, slugs i have no problem
  11. must be a bad shot with a red dot. lol no laser
  12. get pics so i can do it myself on a scale 1 - 10 how hard was it to do
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