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  1. C-stock (in middle position) does work well with a bit higher higher over bore. The LEAP mounts in 1.42" size should work prettt well, especially for RDS that don't have significant additional height in their chassis. i.e. Aimpoint Micro being an example of a "low" RDS. I used to run an Aimpoint micro in a LaRue QD low mount on the top rail and found it was a bit too low (height over bore) for the C-stock in the middle position. Now running a different RDS which has a few more millimeters of height (line of sight over bore) and it works great for me. All that said, the SYNC mount
  2. Yes height over bore is the issue. What stock you run (i.e. c-stock in middle position, field stock/pg stock, or Mesa adjustable riser) makes all the difference. I personally run a c-stock in the middle position which dictates the need for a slightly higher over bore line of sight than the irons.
  3. There is one on eBay right now.
  4. Hi - that particular part number is tough to find at a reasonable price. I'd recommend a 11707 at around $1600-1700 and then purchase the seven shell tube from CarrierComp separately.
  5. Hello - I do not live in Pakistan but this dealer may be able to help you: Haider khan & Sons Arms dealer
  6. Hello - as you likely know the M80 rail has been out of production for several years. They do pop up every so often here. There is one on ebay now and are also often on GunBroker. I have one but am using it on my M4.
  7. Don't do it buddy! Hold out for an OEM C-stock. It's worth the extra trouble!
  8. calviroman

    Some R&D

    Awesome project thank you for the pics
  9. In the very unlikely event of having to ship the shotgun somewhere for warranty work, emphasis on very unlikely, you can reinstall the factory components in about 15 minutes.
  10. There have been several members who have shortened PG stocks. I did one back in 2010 when C-Stocks were hard to come by. You will have to use a "grind to fit" butt pad. You also have to fabricate new mounting holes for the butt pad screws. A shortened OEM stock is "nicer" than the mesa aftermarket option but is several hours of work to get right!
  11. For a shorter length of pull, options include: 1. Benelli C-stock run in its middle position. This is a bad time to be buying them as prices are elevated to roughly $500-$600. I'd suggest waiting until they drop to at least sub $400. 2. Mesa tactical PG stock. Solves your LoP problem but is a lesser quality product compared to OEM. Could be used as a placeholder. I've seen them sub $100. 3. Gunsmith shortened LoP on a Benelli field or PG stock. I did this once myself as a placeholder for a C-stock.
  12. Dang prices are bad right now! Note this appears to be a knockoff C-Stock and not a Benelli OEM.
  13. I have the CC Ti tube on my 14". Every ounce counts when you're taking it off the front end of the shotgun!
  14. Some folks have flush mounted QD sling docks into the stock, accessing the work area via the buttpad cavity. There have also been folks who have installed a QD sling dock plate in place of the existing flat sling loop, however they indicated there was a fair amount of "gunsmithing" type work involved as that part of the firearm is not very service friendly.
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